Five tips for bringing more sustainability into your life

April 2019

Five tips for bringing more sustainability into your life

For the past few years the term “sustainability” has been all the rage, although it first appeared in the Duden, as early as 1915, where it referred to the “Principle of not consuming more than can regrow, regenerate itself, be made available again in the future.” With a sustainable lifestyle, you make your own contribution to resource productivity and also reduce your carbon footprint in the process. By making a few small changes, you can achieve great things in your everyday life, because your decisions as a consumer have a significant impact on the sustainability of our market economy. Take your first steps using our five tips for a more sustainable lifestyle!

Your car and electrical appliances are among the biggest resource- and energy-guzzlers in your household. Try riding your bike occasionally, switching off standby mode, or simply storing and using self-produced solar energy. This will make you less dependent on conventional power providers. You can also network the devices in your smart home to reduce consumption and intelligently supplement your power supply with clean solar electricity.

Fill your shopping cart with products that are especially resource-saving and products that are especially durable thanks, for example, to high-quality materials or certified production processes. Opt for quality!

Check the origin of more than just your tomatoes. By making deliberate choices, you’ll reduce unnecessary shipping. By buying products “Made in Germany,” you’ll not only protect jobs and support your country, you’ll also do something good for yourself.

Food is often still good long after its sell-by date has expired, just as a reliable brand-name product often continues to serve you long after the warranty has run out. If you plan your purchases more carefully at home, less will be left to spoil in the refrigerator. You’ll also waste less energy, and the energy you save can be stored in your battery for more important uses.

Don’t count on the infinite availability of resources. Fluctuations are part of our universe. And it’s often the things that are most in demand – like energy – that are the least available. Make yourself independent by finding your own solutions for an independent and optimally coordinated energy management system at home.

Released by Verena Koppe