Familie Langner berichtet über ihre Erfahrungen mit der Junelight Smart Battery

Significantly lower electricity costs for the Langner family

March 2020

Electricity costs down, own consumption up

The Langner family was one of the first users of the Junelight Smart Battery from Siemens. We asked Mr. Langner how the battery helped them to significantly reduce their electricity costs and increase their consumption of self-generated electricity.

Expansion of the existing photovoltaic installation

The Langner family was one of the first customers to add the Junelight Smart Battery energy storage system to their existing photovoltaic installation. Based on the relatively high power consumption of a two-family dwelling (over 8,000 kWh in 2019), they chose a 13.2 kWh system. Key factors in the decision to retrofit with a battery were falling feed-in tariffs and the cost-benefit ratio – indications that the purchase would pay off over the long term. The goal was to increase consumption of self-generated power and reduce electricity costs.

Our choice of the Junelight Smart Battery was based not only on its price, but also on its dimensions and design.
Alfred Langner

The decision to purchase the Junelight Smart Battery was not only based on the cost-benefit ratio, but also on the system’s dimensions and product design. The location selected was ideal in terms of its uniform temperature, and the battery fit the space perfectly, right down to the centimeter, thanks to its low mounting depth. The hallway selected is extremely narrow but even with the door open, all family members can easily pass by the battery. Mr. Langner also praised its attractive design, which has already won two design awards.

Keeping an eye on energy flows with the Junelight Smart App

The family is very satisfied with the Junelight Smart Battery. Battery operation is stable and software updates optimize power even more. By using the battery, the family purchases about 2,500 kWh less electricity per year. Considering that the difference between purchase price and feed-in tariff is just under 20 cents per kWh, this corresponds to annual savings of around 500 euros.


When the family’s feed-in tariff ends, the battery will pay off even more quickly. The Langner family is also achieving over 70 percent autonomy over the course of the year, which gives them a great feeling. Around half of this autonomy is attributable to the photovoltaic installation and the other half to the battery. The family uses the Junelight Smart App on the computer to keep a close watch on all the energy flows in the house, for example through the display of exact hourly consumption.

Mr. Langner hopes to improve the environmental footprint of his household even further and also uses the battery to charge an electric bike. We wish him all the best as he continues to enhance the sustainability of his home.

Released by Verena Koppe