Good for the climate. And your bank account.

The Junelight Smart Battery.

Intelligent power storage that protects the environment, saves money, and paves the way for independence.

When the sun is shining during the day, your photovoltaic system usually produces more electricity than your household can consume. If you are unable to store this surplus power, you have to feed it into the grid and buy it back at expensive rates during the night. The Junelight Smart Battery helps you to use the maximum yield of your solar installation yourself.


It also helps you to better understand the energy flows in your household so that you can control your power consumption and conserve energy for use elsewhere.

Timeless, outstanding design.

Sophisticated technology, clean structures and sustainability are also reflected in the design.

When intelligent technology is combined with clean lines, it deserves a prize: the iF Design Award 2019 and the Red Dot Award 2019.

Engineering skills to be proud of.

The attractive digital display integrated into the cover allows you to immediately see the current charging status at any time, even from a distance – and to see whether energy is currently being fed into or drawn from the battery.

Matching housing color.

How do you like your sun? You can choose between modern white or elegant black.

Compact, slimline housing.

With a depth of just 18 cm, the Junelight Smart Battery can fit into even the smallest spaces, for example, mounted on the wall behind a door or in a narrow passageway.


The storage can be mounted vertically or suspended.


Select a capacity to suit your specific needs. The basic housing holds up to two battery units of 3.3 kWh each. The expansion housing allows you to increase the size of your battery to a maximum of six units for a total capacity of 19.8 kWh. You can retrofit these at any time if your energy requirements grow.

The Junelight Smart Battery makes its mark in the Energy Storage Inspection 2019

In the Energy Storage Inspection 2019, the annual test of energy storage systems conducted by experts at the University of Applied Sciences (htw) in Berlin, the Junelight Smart Battery received the “very good” rating.

An investment that will always be there: the sun.

Technical data at a glance



Find your perfect Smart Battery.


With the Junelight configurator, you can find out in just three steps which capacity of the Junelight Smart Battery is optimal for you. Important factors include the size of your household and your planned or existing photovoltaic system.