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Get more out of your drives with digitalization

The future is digital – including in the industrial sector. Thanks to digitalization and networked processes, companies can produce more flexibly and reliably, and can respond to events more rapidly. Digitally enhanced drive components are an important step toward digitalized automation. With SIDRIVE IQ, you now benefit from a digital platform for optimizing your drive systems. Take advantage of digitalization to enter into a new dimension of availability, serviceability, productivity, and efficiency.

SIDRIVE IQ – the next step toward the digital drive train

Drive systems play a key role in countless production processes and are ultimately what keeps production going. Faults or failures involving motors, converters, etc., have costly consequences. With the SIDRIVE IQ digital platform, you can now monitor, analyze, and optimize drive systems digitally, and thus maximize their availability, efficiency, performance, and serviceability. This in turn increases your productivity, thereby laying the foundation for your company’s success both now and in the future.

SIDRIVE IQ offers you a cloud-based solution for data analysis that makes the operational and condition data of your drive components transparent. It also helps you identify maintenance requirements and optimization potential. This is already possible for SIMOTICS SD next generation low-voltage motors and, in the future, will also be possible for low voltage converters such as the new SINAMICS S120 Chassis-2.

NEW: High-voltage motors like SIMOTICS HV C and medium-voltage converters can now also be easily connected to SIDRIVE IQ. This allows you to benefit from maximum availability and increased productivity into the megawatt range.

As digitalization continues to evolve, we’ll continue to refine SIDRIVE IQ: for example, by adding new features and digitalizing more of our other low-voltage motors and converters – including for the installed base. Don’t miss out!

SIDRIVE IQ – your assistant for maximum availability, productivity, efficiency, and serviceability

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SIDRIVE IQ booklet

Digital platform

Intelligent features for utilizing your data

With the SIDRIVE IQ digital platform, you can conveniently access all the relevant data from your drive systems anytime and anywhere. And that’s not all: Using the SIDRIVE IQ cloud-based application, you can monitor and analyze the status and performance of your drive systems and derive possible optimization measures. 

Stay up to date thanks to SIDRIVE IQ

SIDRIVE IQ tells you how your drive components are doing. The app for MindSphere has a variety of functions that help you to maintain and operate your digitally enhanced motors, converters, etc. These include aggregated statistics and localization of the device fleet as well as individual KPI overviews and logbook and product profiles. In addition, SIDRIVE IQ links to specific product documentation and information.

The “Overview” feature charts the KPIs of your particular drive components. The “Logbook” feature publishes triggered status notifications and lists the complete service history. Browsing and managing status notifications as well as completed maintenance activities is easily possible at all times, and planning new preventive maintenance activities is already possible at an early stage. Recommended maintenance notifications provide optimal decision-making support based on the digital twin of the drive components and automated analytics.

SIDRIVE IQ digitalizes your drive management. Your current benefits include improved maintenance activities, reduced unscheduled downtimes, and increased availability.

Use Cases

SIDRIVE IQ has the solution

Less effort, fewer delays, more convenience, safety, and efficiency: The SIDRIVE IQ digital platform offers innovative solutions for numerous use cases involving digitally enhanced drive systems.

Customized services for every requirement

With SIDRIVE IQ, you’ll also benefit from future customized services – from corrective measures and fault clearance to preventive maintenance offers and proactive services for optimized performance.

Reliable and efficient support for an even better drive

Something to look forward to: Predefined services are a basic component of the SIDRIVE IQ digitalization offering. They’ll enable you to digitally link your drive train, recognize risks and optimization potential early on, and better schedule maintenance activities.

SIDRIVE IQ Services supplement the Digital Drive Train Services program for drive systems. In this way, Siemens provides you with a range of digital services from a single source optimally tailored to your individual requirements.

Learn more about our services for the entire drive train:

Digital Drive Train Services


Add wireless communication capability to your drive system

IQ-ready through connectivity: Make your motors and converters communication-capable for SIDRIVE IQ.

Connectivity as the basis for digitalization

SIDRIVE IQ applications and utilization are based on digitally enhanced drive components. Once your motors and converters are able to report how they’re doing, our digital platform can use these notifications and data to provide you with a transparent overview of the status, performance, and maintenance requirements of these drive components.

Drive components can be made communication-capable by equipping them with connectivity modules. The modules record all of the drive component’s relevant operating data via sensors and communicate that information to MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens.

SIDRIVE IQ offers you a cloud-based application for data analysis that analyzes the operational and condition data of your drive systems. You can also identify maintenance requirements and optimization potential.

IQ Ready: low-voltage motors and converters

IQ Ready: high-voltage motors and medium-voltage converters

News, media, and events

Stay informed about SIDRIVE IQ

Digitalization and the future of industry are constantly evolving – as is SIDRIVE IQ. That’s why we keep you up to date on new products, functions, and media offerings and keep you informed of the trade fairs and events where you can find us.

SIDRIVE IQ in action

The digital platform for condition monitoring has arrived in daily practice and is in use. Discover how companies already benefit from SIDRIVE IQ and join them!

Experience a guided tour ­– in the world of SIDRIVE IQ

Learn how intelligence prepares your drives for the digital future and Industry 4.0. With this interactive application, that is available for you for download, you will discover the benefits of our digital platform for your drive systems – SIDRIVE IQ. To download, just fill out the form on the right. 

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