Connectivity for drive technology

Keyvisual Connectivity for drive technology

Make your drive systems communication-capable

In order to monitor the status of drive components, the drive data has to be captured as well as visualized and processed on another level. This is made possible by equipping your low-voltage motors, low-voltage converters, and entire low-voltage drive train with connectivity modules. These modules record all the relevant operating and condition data from drive components and transmit it to cloud or edge platforms.

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Connectivity for SIMOTICS low-voltage motors

How can you connect Siemens low-voltage motors to the cloud? It’s easy with the SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 compact connectivity solution. This digital extension makes many low-voltage motors communication-capable and ready for the digital factory.

Connection of low-voltage motors to the cloud using SIMOTICS CONNECT 400

Low-voltage motors are equipped with SIMOTICS CONNECT 400, a plug-and-play connectivity module for measuring and preprocessing the motor-specific condition data that’s analyzed in the MindSphere application SIDRIVE IQ Fleet. SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 comes with the sensors required for measuring the most important operating parameters (like vibration, temperature, and speed), a WLAN communication module for data transfer, and a battery for the power supply. As a result, the motors become part of the digital enterprise and enable process optimizations on the basis of solid operational data – for greater cost-efficiency, reliability, and flexibility.


The combination of SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 and SIDRIVE IQ Fleet makes your introduction to the digital enterprise especially easy. All it takes is a few simple actions to enable cloud-based monitoring of all new and old SIMOTICS motors and motors from other manufacturers within a plant. As a plug-and-play solution, SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 is easily mounted right on the motor enclosure and wirelessly supplies data for cloud-based monitoring of low-voltage motors with SIDRIVE IQ Fleet.


Connectivity for SINAMICS low-voltage converters

How can you connect low-voltage converters to a cloud or Industrial Edge platform? With connectivity solutions like SINAMICS CONNECT 300, SIMATIC controllers, or SIMATIC IoT gateways. Take advantage of the possibilities of digitally connecting your low-voltage converters so that you can quickly and conveniently identify optimization potential and necessary actions based on the drive data in associated cloud or edge apps.

Cloud connection of low-voltage converters using SIMATIC controllers and SIMATIC IoT gateways

With the aid of a controller like SIMATIC S7-1500 or a SIMATIC IoT gateway, you can connect additional low-voltage converters from Siemens to the cloud.

Intelligent gateways can be easily, securely, and inexpensively implemented. With this connection between production and the cloud, numerous applications as well as forward-looking production concepts can be quickly and flexibly implemented in existing plants.

Edge connection of low-voltage converters via Drive System Framework

The Industrial Edge application Drive System Framework allows low-voltage converters from the SINAMICS G130, S120, and S150 series to be seamlessly integrated in the Siemens Industrial Edge platform. Drive System Framework can also process high-frequency data of up to 8 kHz.


And in addition to connectivity, Drive System Framework also makes it possible to configure the drive systems connected to the edge platform.

Drive train

Connectivity for the low-voltage drive train

How can you acquire data from the drive train for condition monitoring? With the compact SIPLUS CMS1200 Condition Monitoring System. Data is transferred to the MindSphere cloud or the Industrial Edge platform via an IoT gateway or OPC UA.

SIPLUS CMS1200 Condition Monitoring System for the low-voltage drive train

With the SIPLUS CMS1200 Condition Monitoring System for SIMATIC S7-1200, you can continuously and precisely monitor the condition of your drive train’s critical mechanical components. Whether on motors, gear units, bearings, fans, or pumps, numerous sensors (for example, up to 28 vibration sensors) can be distributed throughout the entire drive train for comprehensive monitoring and the accurate detection of all types of mechanical damage and electronic errors, such as resonance, imbalance, and stator field errors. The data can be analyzed by the system’s own software in the CMS module and stored locally, as well as forwarded to cloud and edge platforms.

Connection of low-voltage drive trains to higher-level ecosystems using SIPLUS CMS1200

The SIPLUS CMS1200 Condition Monitoring System can be connected to MindSphere and/or to an edge platform via either a SIMATIC IoT gateway or OPC UA. It is then possible to monitor the condition of the low-voltage drive train via an ecosystem – for example, cloud-based and remotely – or visualize and analyze the drive data and initiate any actions needed using an edge app.

Video mechanical vibration monitoring with SIPLUS CMS

And then? Analyze your drive data!

Turn your drive data into valuable knowledge.

Take advantage of connectivity solutions to make the data from your drive components available to numerous analysis tools and gain a better understanding of your drives, applications, and machines. Use analyses to make the most of your data – with edge computing, cloud connection, and the right apps. Discover all the possibilities!


How to connect a SINAMICS S120 to Analyze MyDrives Cloud


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