Analyzing drive data

Analysis of drive system data and behavior

Turn data into valuable knowledge

How can you ensure maximum productivity and sustainability for your machines and systems? By gaining a better understanding of the processes, status, capacity utilization, and possibilities for optimization – and building on that to make your maintenance even more efficient, reliable, and predictive. The combination of Industrial Edge applications, Cloud-based solutions like MindSphere, and smart apps for data analysis provides the basic elements you need. Of course, you can also program your own apps for Edge applications – and draw on the Drive System Framework when you use high-frequency drive data.

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Edge computing

Central availability of drive data

Cloud solutions are increasingly establishing themselves in the industrial landscape. Autonomous technologies, which are available at all times, make it possible to use and analyze data globally and collaboratively in the first place. Edge computing complements the capabilities of pure cloud solutions, allowing data to be used even more easily, flexibly and securely in the field. Edge computing allows you to collect and analyze your data right at the drive in your machine and process it there without any latency.

Edge applications for your drive systems

Higher data transparency, in-depth data analysis and new possibilities when it comes to developing, operating and optimizing your drive systems. Edge applications allow you to achieve all of this. For example, they capture data directly at the converter, making it possible to obtain valuable know-how without any latency. This means that information from individual drives or drive groups is captured and evaluated directly at the machine. This intelligent data is then sent to the cloud for long-term analyses. The major advantage is that only the required data is transferred to the cloud.


To use high-frequency drive data you need Drive System Framework from Siemens – regardless of whether you use Analyze MyDrives Edge or an individually created edge app.


Find out how edge computing can make your drive systems even more efficient:

The Deep Dive

Podcast: Talking Digital Industries

Drive data and how edge computing can make you a machine whisperer

In this episode moderator Christine Brunner learns all about the drive train. Together with the Siemens experts Michael Leipold and Dominik Bittner she discusses how drive data can be used most efficiently and why the drive train is a good place to start the edge computing journey. Check out the podcast and learn how machine users and machine builders can become real machine whisperers using data analytics and edge computing.


Applications – from Industrial Edge to the Cloud

To efficiently monitor machines and systems, and ensure optimal operation of your production lines, being able to access relevant drive data and analyze it is a top priority. Our apps for your drive data provide you with the perfect opportunities for doing this.
Edge apps

When it comes to real-time processing of high-frequency data, the Siemens Industrial Edge system reveals new perspectives. Interact with your machines, manage your whole inventory, or run complex models to monitor production and processes close to the system. As the apps run on a platform architecture close or at the machines, the data stays within your production floor.

Cloud apps

With MindSphere apps for machines and plants and related analytics, you gain deeper insights into your machines and processes independent of their location. On this basis, you can systematically increase productivity, optimize machine maintenance and easily collaborate with other factories: Benefit from global data access to implement data-driven business models for OEMs and plant operators.

Analyze MyDrives Cloud

Monitor and analyze low-voltage drive systems via the cloud

The MindSphere application Analyze MyDrives lets you centrally monitor drive systems in the manufacturing and process industry. Data – electricity consumption, torque, frequency, and power flow, for example – is gathered and evaluated, so you can identify optimization and actual maintenance requirements in good time. There’s no longer any need for fixed, scheduled maintenance, which is often superfluous anyway. Analyze MyDrives offers a range of filter options, trend analysis with time sequences and scatter plots, and an email-based notification service built around configurable limit values.


Analyze MyDrives in the MindSphere Store


Analyze MyDrives Edge

Monitor and analyze low-voltage drive systems via Industrial Edge

Analyze MyDrives Edge unlocks the full potential of SINAMICS drives in motion use cases. The edge app monitors drive data at speeds of up to 8 kHz and detects hidden patterns by using machine learning and AI algorithms: Based on electrical data analytics, you can identify mechanical anomalies in the drive train without additional sensors.


Monitor and analyze low-voltage motors

The Cloud-based MindSphere application SIDRIVE IQ Fleet lets you analyze and monitor low-voltage motors in the process industry if they are connected using a SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 connectivity module. You can read out status and asset information, individual parameters, e.g. on speed and power consumption, alarms, warnings, and information on preventive maintenance. In addition, SIDRIVE IQ Fleet offers functions like map-based asset location and asset filtering, graphic representation of measured values over time, export of measured values, a log book function, access to product-specific support pages, and more.


SIDRIVE IQ Fleet in the MindSphere Store

SIDRIVE IQ Fleet in the Industry Mall

SIDRIVE IQ Fleet use cases

How to digitalize your motors


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