Digitalize your low-voltage motor


Interested in getting a quick and comprehensive overview on the condition and operational state of the low-voltage motors driving your applications such as pumps, fans, or compressors? With the plug-&-play connectivity module SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 and MindSphere analytics app SIDRIVE IQ Fleet, you can easily implement a cost-effective, cloud-based solution for continuous, LV motor condition monitoring – worldwide and 24/7. Whether to monitor new motors or flexibly upgrade your installed base, SIDRIVE IQ Fleet improves LV motor reliability, availability, efficiency, performance, and productivity.

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Quick and easy!

Our formula for digitalizing your low-voltage motor

There’s a simple formula to realize a simple, but powerful remote condition monitoring for your low-voltage motors.
Use cases and benefits

Why you should monitor your motors

Why SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 and SIDRIVE IQ Fleet make all the difference

Continuous improvement

With our regular feature releases, we are constantly upgrading the performance and functionality scope of our monitoring solution.

To increase the value for you to a maximum, analytics features are in focus. With functions like fingerprinting, asset benchmarking, detailed condition KPIs or anomaly detection, you will step-by-step benefit from those improvements and take advantage of nearly endless opportunities.

Analytics based on digital motor twins

Siemens is the only supplier utilizing motor-specific digital twins to improve calculations and analytics within their motor condition monitoring solution. The motor-specific electrical and mechanical models (incl. electric equivalent circuit diagrams) as part of the digital motor twins lead to higher data preciseness and analytics quality.

  • For Siemens motors, advanced models with data from our R&D and our factories with instance-specific motor data are being provided automatically from a database during the commissioning. This enables a faster commissioning process and premium analytics.
  • For non-Siemens motors, those models are being created during the commissioning based on rating plate information and our patent pending algorithm. Therefore, based on our domain expertise, we ensure premium analytics also for non-Siemens motors.
High-quality and performant raw data measurement

To detect anomalies and avoid outages, a certain degree of data volume and quality is required. Simotics Connect 400 offers both for an outstanding price-performance ratio:

  • Measurement intervals down to 1min (!) are best-in-class and the foundation for in-depth data analytics on the cloud level.
  • The built-in sensors provide high-quality raw data – also for power-related KPIs.
Flexibility and openness by state-of-the-art data sharing models

Sharing the right information with the right party is the foundation for successful data-based business models and increasing productivity to a new level.

By utilizing our powerful API to export data to 3rd party clouds/systems or by using the plug-and-play Cross-Tenancy functionality to share assets within MindSphere, SIDRIVE IQ Fleet enables business models like no other motor monitoring app in the market.

Secure and Wi-Fi-based field-to-cloud data transfer

Industry-proof, secure and certified solution, using standard Wi-Fi protocols as communication method to transfer field data to the cloud 

  • Industry-proof, end-to-end data security by sophisticated measures on connectivity and cloud level as well as a direct communication between both players
  • The good performance of Wi-Fi networks regarding signal coverage and strength as well as broadcasting speed make our system architecture robust, stable and cost-efficient
  • Manufacturer-independent selection of suitable gateways / routers are underlining the openness of our offering.
Sophisticated energy management concept

With its smart energy management concept and its replaceable battery pack, Simotics Connect 400 has an outstanding performance-lifetime ratio covering both, the requirement for data availability and sufficient battery lifetime.


Our solution is manufacturer-, industry- and application-independent. All motors within the sensor specification can be monitored in more than 50 countries worldwide:

  • Motor type:       Fin-cooled, 3-phase asynchronous low-voltage motors
  • Frame sizes:     IEC 80 to 450, NEMA 48 to 680
  • Operation:        Direct-on-line (DOL) and converter (VSD) operation
  • Ambience:        IP65, safe area
Value Proposition

We share our domain knowledge on drive technology with you. No matter if you use our clear dashboard for visualizing your motor fleet and its condition or if you are consuming the data via an API, SIDRIVE IQ Fleet provides you with full transparency and insights based on our domain expertise on motors.


Installation and commissioning are simple and can be done by anybody within only a few minutes. The sensor is glued to the motor within less than ten minutes and the commissioning via smartphone can be performed even quicker. And on the cloud level, condition monitoring has never been easier. With our clear dashboard, users can quickly understand the condition of their motors in order to address the different optimization use cases.


Take advantage of automatic software updates and data availability 24/7 by using our MindSphere ecosystem which we even provide you free-of-charge. In addition, cloud systems enable data sharing models for developing own applications or data-based business models.

How you get started

Step by step – How to monitor your low-voltage motor

The quickest and easiest way to get the sensor module is via our Industry Mall

SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 is available in kits containing the sensor module itself as well as the mounting bracket and screws. Four different batch sizes provide flexibility to save additional money when scaling up in quantity.

The analytics app is available via the MindSphere Store

The SIDRIVE IQ Fleet offering covers different types of packages. 

The Package Basic is free and provides you with a MindSphere tenant (account) and the analytics app SIDRIVE IQ Fleet. 

To monitor motors, comprehensive Asset Packages are available for upgrade. Four different package sizes provide flexibility to save additional money when scaling up in quantity.

Additional support packages round up the offering and give you e.g. the possibility to add users to your tenant.

To monitor low-voltage motors via SIDRIVE IQ Fleet, you need to purchase both, the Package Basic (free) to get the app and one asset for each motor (SIMOTICS Connect 400) you want to connect.

Simply glue the sensor module onto your low-voltage motor

SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 is easily installed in just a few minutes. After the sensor module has been glued onto the cooling fins of the motor, it is ready for commissioning.

Network configurations required by SIMOTICS CONNECT 400

SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 transfers the data to the SIDRIVE IQ Fleet analytics app via Wi-Fi and the internet. We recommend the Siemens SCALANCE network components as an industry-proof solution. However, no manufacturer-specific gateway is required, but the sensor module works with any access point.

To commission and use SIMOTICS CONNECT 400, the Wi-Fi network needs to be configured properly:
​The connectivity module encrypts your data according to security standard WPA2. For data transfer, the connectivity module supports Wi-Fi connections with a frequency of 2.4 GHz and the Wi-Fi standard 802.11b/g/n.

We keep the firmware on SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 up-to-date automatically

With the remote firmware update functionality, SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 self-manages its firmware versions automatically to always be up-to-date and provide you with the latest function scope.

To enable remote firmware updates, the firmware v0.6.0.1 or newer needs to be installed manually one last time. The installation is also seamlessly integrated in the commissioning process of the sensor module in case it has not yet been commissioned.

User role assignment as preparation and prerequisite

To commission a SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 module or to access and work with SIDRIVE IQ Fleet on your MindSphere tenant, the respective User (incl. also the tenant admin) requires certain app-specific User roles. Those roles can be easily assigned by the tenant admin via “Settings”.

Plug-and-play commissioning via smartphone

With the intuitive mobile app SIDRIVE IQ Config, commissioning of SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 only takes a few minutes. After successful commissioning and configuration, the sensor module automatically starts measuring and transferring data to MindSphere.

Clear dashboard with powerful analytics in the background

Monitor your low-voltage motors and always have up-to-date data on the detailed condition of each motor in the field. Thresholds, automatic alarms and a service logbook keep you up to date – globally and 24/7. Anomaly detection, analytic features and artificial intelligence support you in monitoring your motors.

Continuous feature releases increase the functionality set of the system over time to improve your monitoring experience and increase your value and benefits.

Own your fleet beyond plain condition monitoring

SIDRIVE IQ Fleet offers huge flexibility in using standard MindSphere functionality and the app-specific condition monitoring functions. 


MindSphere allows you to model your company structures virtually by using subtenants for multi-level organizations or adding users and assigning roles and responsibilities.


In SIDRIVE IQ Fleet you are able to delete assets remotely, download historical data to a local file or track purchases and remaining asset quota.

Plug-and-play sharing of complete assets enable new business models

MindSphere collaboration models allow you to cooperate with other companies virtually. 

Share assets between tenants to create your own digital service business model by offering condition monitoring, repair or maintenance services to end users.

Data sharing has never been easier: Plug-and-play sharing allows two or more parties to see the operational data of the shared motor fleet.

Powerful API for exporting data into 3rd party applications and clouds

SIDRIVE IQ Fleet data including operational and condition KPIs can be easily integrated in other apps or external systems by using our free Application Programming Interface (API).

Therefore, SIDRIVE IQ Fleet information can be visualized and used in existing systems and apps.


The respective tenant-specific public key is available via the SIDRIVE IQ Fleet dashboard.


We use SIDRIVE IQ Fleet already

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