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Podcast IoT

How drive systems and IoT contribute to a sustainable future

Innovative drive systems and IoT data services can help companies realize their sustainability goals. In this podcast with Handelsblatt, Sebastian Winkler von Mohrenfels explains exactly how.

Digitalization for medium and high voltage

Digital intelligence at your fingertips with SIDRIVE IQ

If you want to keep up with today’s business pace, you need to take the right actions at the right time. But making key decisions based on anything other than solid data represents a high risk. Our cloud-based digital service SIDRIVE IQ for assets and field data supports you in making the right decisions, so you can confidently create a sustainable future.
Successful companies are those that embrace digitalization and data-driven decision-making. Our SIDRIVE IQ portfolio supports you to manage your drive systems fleet with confidence, ensuring your productivity and asset availability.
Sebastian Winkler von Mohrenfels, Head of Digital Business, Siemens Large Drives Applications
Serenity. Security. SIDRIVE IQ

SIDRIVE IQ: One Portfolio – Many powerful solutions

Wouldn’t it be nice to know when your equipment needs servicing? SIDRIVE IQ gives you exactly that: precise information that gives you choices how you can improve performance and raise productivity to new levels.

Smart Products

With their edge capability, our smart products and systems enable you to turn drive systems into an “IIoT platform device” for interoperability with automation and the application.

Digital Platform

Your path to perfect integration into IoT ecosystems, from scalability and modularity to functional user interaction. For more productivity and availability, faster decisions, and optimized asset management.


Are you ready for the next generation of remote and condition monitoring? Our cloud-based Digital Services by SIDRIVE IQ transfer condition data from the drive train components to the cloud for analysis by our service experts.

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