Virtualization for digital twins of your drives

SINAMICS DriveSim Basic - digital twin of the SINAMICS Drives

Enjoy shorter development times thanks to drive simulation

Efficient virtualization solutions let you speed up your development processes significantly: Using the SINAMICS DriveSim Basic drive model, you can simulate, adapt, and optimize specific drive combinations and their behavior in machines and systems even before a definitive drive selection has been made. Now you can test drive behavior under realistic conditions right at the design and planning stage using a simulation. SINAMICS DriveSim Basic provides information for the virtual commissioning of the controller and a subsequent drive dimensioning. Thanks to our verified and validated drive models, there’s no need for you as the user to create your own simulations or perform time-consuming checks and tests.

Learn more about SINAMICS DriveSim Basic in our tutorial video series

For a quick and easy entry into the simulation of drive technology watch our tutorial videos.

SINAMICS DriveSim Basic

Digital twin of drive systems

Apply easy-to-use drive models for your simulation software to utilize digital twins of your SINAMICS converters, including motors, to configure your drives with minimum effort.

Simulating drive behavior in planning projects

Using the SINAMICS DriveSim Basic virtualization solution for frequency converters and motors, you can create a representation of your drive system to match your drive environment, in other words your mechanical application and controller configuration, and use it to design and plan these elements and put them into operation. You can draw from validated drive models representing the SINAMICS converters for this purpose.


Easy handling is assured thanks to the minimized number of parameters required and the reference to documentation from the list manual you’re already familiar with. Great compatibility is another asset: The model is ready to use as a Functional Mock-up Unit (FMU) and can be integrated into many market-standard simulation tools. The drive model is highly flexible, since its functionality can be individually adapted beyond the real product. In addition, one and the same model can be used for a range of drive components – in other words, with just a single FMU you can reflect various SINAMICS product series, saving you development time.

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Advantages of SINAMICS DriveSim Basic at a glance


SINAMICS DriveSim Basic in use

This tutorial series guides you through the world of drive simulation with SINAMICS DriveSim Basic: from downloading FMUs to importing into standard time-based simulation tools and also how to use it for different use cases. Start creating digital twins of your drive systems.

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