Medium and high voltage induction motors for challenging applications

Horizontal AC induction motors up to 20 MW (27,500 HP) and AC vertical motors up to 6 MW (8,000 HP) with voltage ranges from 460 to 13,200 V for a wide range of heavy industrial applications.

Features and benefits at a glance

Form wound stator insulation systems, featuring sealed epoxy mica designs, provide the ultimate in electrical protection and mechanical strength meeting and exceeding NEMA MG1-20 standards. They allow for motors to excel in adjustable frequency drive applications, and handle high switching speeds or reversing requirements. Stator core laminations are punched from high grade C5 core plate silicon steel for optimum electrical and magnetic performance.

Proven rotor systems, are engineered with robust medium carbon steel shafts and high-grade aluminum or copper materials to reliably and efficiently transmit heavy loads, have axial vents in the core laminations to cool the core, and are dynamically balanced at full operating speed to minimize noise and vibration.

High-grade cast iron and fabricated steel frames are precision-machined to assure precise rotor and stator alignment for long bearing life, low vibration, and harmonics.

Anti-friction (ball) and sleeve bearings have labyrinth seals on both ends and are vented to prevent lubricant migration. They are insulated on both sides to prevent shaft current damage. Sight gauges and constant level oilers are available to monitor and maintain lubricant levels.

SIMOTICS HV AboveNEMA – Picture gallery

Technical data overview

Type of motor
Asynchronous (Induction)
Shaft height
NEMA 500 – SH800 frames
Power range
up to 20 MW (27,500 HP)
No. of poles
2 – 8 poles (other pole numbers on request)
Voltage range
380 V – 13.2 kV
Degree of protection
IP23, IP24, IP54, IP55
Cooling type
IC01, IC81W, IC411, IC416, IC611, IC616, IC666
up to 98 %
Explosion protection
Class 1, Division 2 optional
Operating mode

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