SIMOTICS HV Series A-compact PLUS

SIMOTICS HV Series A-compact PLUS

Proven quality – focused on the essentials

High voltage motors based on a modular cooling concept, with cast iron enclosure. Designed for high power pump, fan and compressor applications – especially for desalination plants, power generation and in the water/wastewater industry. These motors are cost efficient as they focus on the essential issues – but at the same time set themselves apart as a result of their high quality, reliability and very compact design.

Technical documentation like data sheets, characteristics, drawings

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Benefits at a glance

Low lifecycle cost by proven quality

Reliable and long service lifetime

Low space requirements, easy plant integration

Accurately fitting solutions for the individual application

High availability even under rough environment conditions

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Technical data overview

Power range
0.25 – 7.35 MW
Shaft height
315 – 630 mm
Rated speeds
750 – 3600 rpm
No. of poles
2 – 16
Rated voltages
IP23, IP24W, IP55
Cooling type
IC 611, IC 616, IC 81 W, IC 86 W, IC 01
Explosion protection
Zone 2: Ex ec

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