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The Severe Duty motors with their rugged gray cast iron housing are the first choice for all important applications in normal industrial settings as well as under harsh ambient conditions. They operate reliably in a temperature range from -50 °C to +60 °C. Degrees of protection up to IP66 and a coating system up to C5 (offshore duty) permit operation in humid, dusty or vibrating environments as well as in aggressive atmospheres. This makes them ideally suited for the petrochemical industry and the general process industry. Their design supports optimum heat dissipation and thus enables very compact dimensions. The modular platform concept offers identical handling to the General Purpose series. This results in a shortened engineering phase and simplified spare parts management. SIMOTICS SD motors cover an integrated performance range from 90 W to 1,000 kW.  

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SIMOTICS SD - a tailored solution for your specific demand.

Flexible due to flange mounting design, reliable due to rugged design and very efficient due to efficiency class IE4 from 2.2 up to 1.000 kW.

SIMOTICS SD motors with an interface to the digital world

One decisive advantage of the SIMOTICS SD motors is the digital communication feature. This has many benefits that have a positive impact on engineering and their entire life cycle.
Shaft heights 71 - 315

SIMOTICS SD standard motors

Severe Duty motors from the SIMOTICS platform have always stood out due to their high reliability and strong performance, even in the most challenging applications.

The SIMOTICS SD range of motors is one of the most compact in the world, because it is manufactured using innovative technologies. The modular add-on concept and the design of the motors ensure maximum flexibility and minimum effort during installation.


 For frame sizes 71 – 315, there is a choice of one grid-optimized standard motor and two converter-oriented motor lines for variable-speed drives consisting of frequency converter and motor.

Product overview

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Technology overview

* System efficiency in combination with SINAMICS frequency converter best-in-class IES2
Motors optimized for line operation
Converter-optimized motor (VSD10)
Converter-optimized motor (VSD4000)
0,09 - 200 kW
2,2 - 200 kW
0,55 - 78 kW
230 - 690 V
400 - 690 V
400 - 460 V
Shaft height
71 - 315 mm
100 - 315 mm
80 - 225 mm
Number of poles
2 - 8
2 - 4
Degree of protection
IP55, IP56, IP65, IP66
Efficiency class
IE1 - IE4
Shaft heights 315 - 450

Standard SIMOTICS SD next generation motors

With SIMOTICS SD next generation, a new scalable generation of low-voltage motors is ready for digitalization. Thanks to their impressive performance and the additional versatility in their range of applications, this motor series ensures future-proof drive technology.

Dust and vibrations cannot slow them down, nor can aggressive environments in the process industry. Their optimized design allows compact dimensions with a high power density. A standardized range of options and the flexible terminal box concept allow easy integration in different plant configurations and applications.

Product overview

SIMOTICS SD Add and SIMOTICS SD Pro offer global certificates. They are therefore ready for use in all major world regions and markets. They can be used as standard in the European Union and North America. They are supplied with the electrical values stamped on the rating plate in accordance with IEC and EISA requirements. Like with the Eagle-Line for the smaller shaft heights, the motors represent a NEMA version electrically (mechanically acc. to IEC). In addition, many other country-specific certificates are available. 


Technology overview

55 - 500 kW
55 - 1.000 kW
160 - 980 kW
380 - 690 V 
Shaft height
315 – 355 mm
315 – 450 mm
Number of poles
Degree of protection
IP55, IP56, IP65, IP66
Efficiency class
IE3, IE4
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The new SIMOTICS SD next generation low-voltage motor series keeps its promises – and meets exactly the requirements of many customers and their demanding applications.

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Configure and order SIMOTICS SD Severe Duty motors quickly and easily

Configuration and purchase