Standard motor SIMOTICS Flow Line - SIMOTICS FL

SIMOTICS Flow Line low voltage motors

Standard motor with short-term availability. With SIMOTICS FL, you can very quickly and easily find the right motor for standard applications in a classic industrial environment, available also in a high variance from warehouse. Do you want to move air, water, or material? The SIMOTICS FL motor works reliably and is exactly what you need. 

Select, configure, and order your motor easily using our digital ordering tool. In just a few steps to your dream motor? Dispatched within 5 working days (ex-works)? No problem! Try it

SIMOTICS FL – Technical data

Designed for standard applications

As part of the SIMOTICS motor family, the Flow Line (FL) motors comply with the latest IEC standards and European regulations. They also meet the requirements of efficiency class IE3 and the CE mark.

An excellent choice

SIMOTICS FL motors are the first choice when it comes to the reliable and cost-efficient operation of standard applications in a normal industrial environment. They impress with reduced total cost of ownership and excellent performance in daily operation.

1) Further options, please refer to the catalog

2) IE3 according to IEC60034-30-1 and EU regulation 2019/1781 latest edition

3) Temperature class 155(F), utilized according to 130(B)

Housing material
Cast iron
Shaft hights
80 – 160
180 – 225
Rated power 
0.55 – 18.5 kW
15 – 45 kW
2, 4, 6
Rated voltage / frequency 1)
230 V∆/400 VY, 400 V∆/690 VY, 50Hz  
Efficiency 2)
155(F) / 130(B)3
Type of construction 1)
IM B3, IM B5
Protection degree
Cooling method
Article number
1LE0 323...
1LE0 023...

Catalog D 81.6, the technical data sheets and dimension drawings of all available versions of SIMOTICS FL

Delivery according to your wishes

With SIMOTICS FL you have the choice of delivery conditions.

EU warehouse delivery - ideal for OEMs 

For the delivery of a limited number of motors in a few days, we have set up our own motor warehouse.
  • Order for project business
  • Order quantity from 1 piece
  • Available in high variance
  • Excellent delivery times up to 2-5 days (ex works)  

Fully digital selection and ordering process

With the Easy Selection tool from SIMOTICS LV Motors, configuring the right motor is very easy. SIMOTICS FL motors are focused on the important product properties. Put together your SIMOTICS FL motor with the right accessories easily and online and receive your order within 5 working days (ex works), depending on the selected winding type, mounting and options.

Products available from EU warehouse

Container Delivery – Ideal for distributors

If you need larger quantity, container delivery can be the best choice for you.
  • Order to the customer's warehouse
  • Simple and efficient ordering of large quantities
  • Support for optimal container filling
  • Entire SIMOTICS FL portfolio available
Your benefits at a glance

SIMOTICS FL – strong as standard

SIMOTICS FL motors are standard motors that exactly match your requirements. They perform regular and recurring tasks reliably.

The advantages of simplicity

Applications and Industries

SIMOTICS FL standard motors are specially tailored to pump, fan and conveyor belt applications.

SIMOTICS FL standard motors are ideal for industries such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), water and wastewater, food and beverage, and material handling.