Simply fits – SIMOTICS FL

The SIMOTICS FL (Flow Line) low-voltage motors for fluid, air and material handling.

When you have a fairly straightforward application in a normal industrial environment, our SIMOTICS FL motor is an excellent option if you don’t want to compromise on quality or performance. You may want to move fluids, air or materials and want a set of motors that are easy to configure, install and operate. Motors that you know you can simply rely upon to do their job, day-in, day-out.

SIMOTICS FL – Technical data

Designed for regular applications

As part of the SIMOTICS motor family, Flow Line (FL) motors adhere to the latest IEC standards and European regulations, in particular IE3 efficiency and CE marking.

An excellent choice

SIMOTICS FL motors are the first choice when it comes to reliable and cost-efficient operation of standard applications in regular industrial environments. They are easy to configure and operate and will convince you with excellent total cost of ownership and excellent day-to-day-performance.

1) Further options, please refer to the catalog

2) IE3 according to IEC60034-30-1 latest edition and Omnibus Amendment to EC No. 640

3) Temperature class 155(F), utilized according to temperature rise 130(B)

Housing material
Cast Iron
Frame size
80 – 160
180 – 225
Rated power output
0.55 – 18.5 kW
15 – 45 kW
2, 4, 6
Rated voltage / frequency 1)
230 V∆/400 VY, 400 V∆/690 VY, 50Hz  
Efficiency 2)
155(F) / 130(B)3
Type of construction 1)
Protection degree
Cooling method
1LE0 323...
1LE0 023...
Catalog D 81.6, the technical data sheets and dimension drawings of all available versions of SIMOTICS FL

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Delivery according to your needs

With SIMOTICS FL, you have the choice concerning the delivery conditions. If you need larger quantities the container delivery may be the best choice for you. For deliveries of a limited number of SIMOTICS FL motors in a few days, we established a dedicated SIMOTICS FL warehouse.
SIMOTICS FL – benefits and applications

SIMOTICS FL – For reliable and easy mass production

These motors excel in numbers, doing a regular and recurring task reliably and efficiently while covering a large amount of the regular requirements of most industries.

The advantages of simplicity

Applications and Industries

A trusted team of workhorses for normal and safe environments. Our motors typically drive applications like:

They are ideally suited for industries like HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning ), water and wastewater, food and beverage, and material handling. The SIMOTICS  FL motor simply fits your needs.