SIMOTICS XP explosion-proof low-voltage motors

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You'll be safer than ever with SIMOTICS XP explosion-proof motors from Siemens. This is because our rugged explosion-proof motors run for a very long time and are absolutely fail-safe, even under the most extreme conditions – for line as well as converter operation. These motors have proven themselves hundreds of thousands of times worldwide. And that's not all: our range of explosion-proof motors is absolutely seamless – covering all requirements with maximum safety and highest operational efficiency. We can also offer drive solutions with double protection to address exceptional requirements. The result is a range of motors that is second to none when it comes to scope and compliance with requirements in the global market.

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BASF SE, one of the largest chemical groups in the world, relies on just-in-time logistics from the external specialist ASF-Südwest GmbH - and SIMOTICS XP explosion-proof low-voltage motors from Siemens.
  • Fast delivery times and high availability
  • Complete and consistent portfolio
  • Very safe and reliable motor solution
  • Over 2,000 explosion-proof low-voltage motors immediately available
  • Replacement of up to 150 motors every month
  • Exchange 365 days a year with 24/7 availability
  • Suitable engine in an emergency within 3 hours
  • Faster, more efficient and safer process
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Typical areas of use and applications

Predestined for the Hydrogen Industries - SIMOTICS XP motors for Ex-Zone 1 gas group II C 

Explosion protection is particularly important in the hydrogen industry because we are working with one of the most explosive gases of all. This also applies in particular to the motors, which are used in all process steps here, from production through transport and storage to end-use. Typical applications are auxiliary drives, heat exchangers and the compressors used in several steps of the process. For all drive applications along the hydrogen value chain, we offer SIMOTICS XP motors designed for gas group IIC, with a concept proven for decades many thousand times over in processing and handling of highly explosive gases.

For pump and fan application we recommend our SIMOTICS XP motor in type of protection increased safety Ex eb. The technical and price economically optimized motor concept for the chemical industry fits best for or direct on-line (DOL) applications in outputs from 0.25 to 165 kW.

Optionally, motors in type of protection flameproof Ex db IIC can be used for pumps, fans and additionally best for compressor applications. They can be used either on the mains or optionally and best in class when operated with any frequency converter in the power range from 0.09 to 460kW.

In combination with our industry specific solution SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR for the chemical industry we can meet preconfigured the requirements of the hydrogen industry.

Explosion protection and potentially explosive zones

Things to know about potentially explosive working environments, which aspects must be taken into account in a risk assessment and into which zones potentially explosive areas can be divided.

Explosion protection and potentially explosive zones

Technology overview

Our motors comply with European Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX): As an alternative to the European directive, certificates for IECEx (Australia), EACEx (Eurasian) and CCCEx (China) are also available.

Recommended converters: SINAMICS G and S converter series.
Hazardous Zone
Type of protection
Ex db
Ex eb
Ex ec
Ex tb
Ex tc
Power range
0,25 – 460 kW
0,12 – 165 kW
0,09 – 1.000 kW 
50/60 Hz: 230 – 690 V
Shaft height
71 – 355 mm
63 – 315 mm
63 – 450 mm
No. of poles
2 - 8
2 - 6
2 -8
Degrees of protection
IP55 to IP66
IP65, IP66
IP55, IP66
Motor efficiency class 
IE2; IE3; IE4 (only 1MB5)
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Configure and order SIMOTICS XP quickly and easily

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