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SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR combines classic CHEMSTAR technology with the SIMOTICS low-voltage motor platform from Siemens. CHEMSTAR has been setting technical standards for explosion-protected motors in the oil & gas and chemical industries for 30 years – and has proven itself 100,000 times over.


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SIMOTICS motors paired with CHEMSTAR technology

A connection with numerous benefits

Backed by decades of experience and expertise in explosion protection, the innovative new generation of our explosion-protected low-voltage motors meets the highest standards in the industry – for maximum reliability, high efficiency, and superior robustness even under extreme operating conditions.
  • adapted, preconfigured options (not a package!)
  • industry-specific Chemstar concept - tailored to the chemical and oil & gas industry
  • nameplate (fast access to digital documentation - via QR code)
  • optimization through combination with all available variants and options (motors with reduced starting current, premium insulation for systems up to 690 V, motor monitoring by PTC and PT100 for bearings and windings)
  • the Chemstar options offer all relevant certificates and are available with a premium insulation system that enables converter operation up to 690V without any type of filter
  • other suitable options such as paint finishes up to Class CX according to ISO 12944-2:2018 for the entire spectrum of colors, including non-standard ones, are also available
  • consistent performance, easy stocking of spare parts, standardized tools and ordering processes and short delivery times
  • reliable and smooth running under extreme conditions - for mains-fed or converter-fed operation.
Logo International Association of Oil and Gas Producers

SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR meets the IOGP specification - THE new standard for oil & gas

The International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) is a worldwide forum for members of the oil industry, founded in London in 1974. The participants regularly debate on issues related to health and safety, environment, social responsibility, engineering, and operations.

The aim is to achieve improvements in these areas, based on collecting operational data which is published each year.

What makes our motors stand out


Every year, millions of low-voltage motors based on the SIMOTICS platform roll off the production line. What distinguishes them are high quality standards, short delivery times, and simple but fast workflows from planning to procurement, engineering and integration, all the way to operation.

CHEMSTAR stands for decades of experience in the oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. The SIMOTICS platform provides the beneficial backdrop for well thought-out and stable series production: seamless quality checks, highly efficient and intuitive standard tools for easy selection, configuration and commissioning, simplified ordering, short delivery times, and a high degree of standardization of the components used. SIMOTICS XP CHEMSTAR combines the best features of both worlds. The result of this synergy is a new, future-proof technology standard for explosion-protected motors in process engineering applications.

Key visual SIMOTICS SD

CHEMSTAR technology also available for SIMOTICS SD motors

To meet the most demanding applications in the oil & gas and chemical industries, our reliable and powerful SIMOTICS SD Severe Duty motors are also available with CHEMSTAR technology. 

The motor made for harsh environments

Whether oil, gas or chemicals - always ready for you

Our new generation of motors covers the range from 0.25 to 500 kilowatts (kW) for protection types of Zones 1 and 2 in Ex eb, Ex ec, Ex db, Ex tb and Ex tc. The motors have a very robust design with an enclosure and end shields made of gray cast iron and a steel fan cover. The high efficiency (efficiency class IE3) minimizes your operating costs. Pre-defined, practical configuration packages – with special corrosion protection coatings of category C4, stainless steel screws and bolts, or extended warranty – allow the motors to be deployed in the chemical, oil & gas industries. In addition, there are freely selectable options, such as reduced starting currents, motor monitoring, reinforced bearings, or tropical climate design.

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