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The optimal solution for every application

Whether synchronous or induction, whether with or without gearbox: Siemens is the right partner when you are looking for the optimum motor for your motion control application. Our portfolio is the most extensive worldwide – and also includes built-in motors and motor spindles. Every motor for motion control in our portfolio is perfectly harmonized to operate with a frequency converter belonging to our SINAMICS family.

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The widest range of motors for motion control worldwide

With our comprehensive portfolio of motion control motors in a wide range of different power and performance classes and frame sizes, you are sure to find the optimum answer to your specific requirements.

SIMOTICS S servomotors

We have the perfect SIMOTICS servomotor to address every application. This is facilitated by choice and flexibility. Different cooling methods and degrees of protection, a range of motor encoders, as well as additional options such as built-in holding brakes or gearbox versions are available. With integrated nameplates and DRIVE-CLiQ system interfaces you also benefit from optimum interaction with our SINAMICS drive systems.

Servomotors connected to SINAMICS V90 – the performance-optimized and easy-to-operate servo drive system

Servomotors connected to SINAMICS S210 – the simple-to-configure servo drive system for mechanical engineering

Servomotors connected to SINAMICS S120 – the flexible, modular drive for sophisticated applications


SIMOTICS M main motors

SIMOTICS M main motors are designed for converter operation. They are significantly more compact and robust, offering higher rotational accuracy than a conventional three-phase induction motor. They are equipped with incremental encoders for variable-speed operation – and also available with absolute encoders for positioning applications. Encoderless operation is also possible in more basic applications.

SIMOTICS L linear motors

SIMOTICS L linear motors from Siemens can provide maximum forces of up to 20,700 N and achieve traversing velocities exceeding 1200 m/min for the highest productivity. 1FN3 motors are linear motors with magnetic secondary sections that set themselves apart as a result of their maximum force density and dynamic performance.

SIMOTICS T torque motors

Every torque motor from Siemens satisfies the most exacting demands when it comes to precision, performance and dynamic response – this is especially the case when integrated in an overall system solution. Permanent-magnet synchronous motors with a high number of poles are fully integrated in the machine so that mechanical transmission elements such as gearboxes can be eliminated. You benefit from higher flexibility when it comes to installation, simplified maintenance, high availability and low space requirements.
Servo geared motors

Motors for motion control applications with gearboxes

Geared motors are extremely versatile, which is reflected in the fact that we offer a large number of geared motor variants. Servomotors equipped with high precision and economical planetary gearboxes are available to address a wide range of applications. You benefit from smooth running operation and compactness in your motion control applications. In addition to a premounted solution, you can also mount gearboxes onto our servomotors and main motors using a KS adapter. Our motors equipped with standard gearboxes optimally round off the portfolio.
Motor spindles

Motor spindles from WEISS Spindeltechnologie GmbH – A Siemens company

With motor spindles you can achieve maximum productivity and precision in your machine tools. They facilitate optimum performance and workpiece quality. The mechanically integrated motor solutions are extremely compact and have maximal rigidity – a precondition for the highest speeds and precise concentricity.
Application-specific motors

Individual solutions for special applications

Sometimes there is no getting around application-specific solutions. We offer it to you: Based on our many years of experience, we design and implement application-specific motor solutions together with our customers - perfectly tailored to your requirements in terms of design and performance. In addition, you benefit from the high level of integration in our converter and control landscape.

Accessories for motion control motors

Siemens Industry integrates maximum efficiency into the entire network to boost your productivity and reduce overall installation costs. Select our specifically designed products such as MOTION-CONNECT connection systems and measuring systems for your motion control applications. This simplifies the engineering and commissioning of your system solutions for the widest range of tasks in plant and machinery construction.

SIMOGEAR geared motors

SIMOGEAR geared motors are the perfect solution for every drive system. Our comprehensive range of geared motors ensures that you find the optimum product to address your specific requirements. With the new SIMOGEAR series you especially benefit from the highest degree of flexibility thanks to a wide spectrum of gearbox units with their limitless adaptability and compact design. Our portfolio also includes servo geared motors for motion control applications.

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Using the Siemens Drive Technology Configurator, you can simply and quickly configure your SIMOTICS motor and then order it through the Industry Mall. 

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