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Accessories for motion control motors

Siemens Industry integrates maximum efficiency into the entire network to boost your productivity and reduce overall installation costs.  Choose our specially designed products such as the Motion-Connect connection technology and measuring systems for your motion control applications. As a result, you will benefit from easier configuration and commissioning of system solutions for a wide range of tasks in plant and machine building. 


Motion Control encoder measuring systems

For optimum position sensing

Motion control encoders are optoelectronic mounted encoders that detect the traversing distances, angles of rotation, speeds or positions of machine axes. Motion control encoders are direct measuring systems that are mounted onto shafts, axes or motors. They can be used in conjunction with numerical and programmable logic control systems, drives and position displays. 



  • All motion control encoders are available as synchro flange and clamp flange versions. The absolute encoders are also available with a hollow shaft and torque arm.
  • The motion control encoders are driven via a plug-in coupling or spring disk coupling. Alternatively, belt pulleys can also be used.


  • Vibration resistance
  • Replaceability in the field
  • Without removing the motor (from the machine)

Incremental encoders detect relative movement and deliver a defined number of electrical pulses per revolution as well as a reference mark, which represent the measurement of the distance or angle traveled through.

Absolute encoders output an absolute angular position between 0 ° and 360 °. They operate on the same scanning principle as incremental encoders, but have a higher number of tracks. For example, if there are 13 tracks, then 213 = 8192 steps are coded in the case of single-turn encoders. The code used is a one-step code (gray code). This avoids any scanning errors. After switching on the machine, the position value is transferred immediately to the control system, and travel to a reference point is not necessary.

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MOTION-CONNECT connection system

Open encoder interface

Thanks to the use of the most advanced connection technology, Siemens' extended range of MOTION-CONNECT cables and solutions are the preferred option for machine tools, production machinery and general applications in motion control. The signal and power cables boast both UL-CSA and VDE certification and are specially designed for servo motors, induction motors and direct-drive motors for motion control applications and systems tested with Siemens motion control systems and drives.



  •  Reliable system performance
  • User friendliness
  •  Flexibility
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Encoder interface

DRIVE-CLiQ open encoder interface

DRIVE-CLiQ is an open encoder interface. This means that users can choose measuring systems that are perfectly suited to their application. Encoders using new measuring methods (such as magnetic / inductive systems, magnetostrictive sensors, lasers) can also be connected via DRIVE-CLiQ.


When using DRIVE-CLiQ, motor and encoder information is automatically programmed into the drive. This saves programming time and prevents errors.


It also allows measuring systems to be integrated into the SINAMICS drive system that are tailor-made for the application in terms of price and function.

DRIVE-CLiQ for measuring system manufacturers

Encoder manufacturers have the option of providing linear or rotary encoders with a DRIVE-CLiQ interface. For implementation with Siemens.

  • ASIC DQ100 interface – provides DRIVE-CLiQ functionality. The encoder has direct access to the DRIVE-CLiQ system interface as a result of being integrated into the encoder electronics. The circuits can be ordered in batch sizes of 60, 240 and 1,200.
  • Development kit for developing and testing – for developing DRIVE-CLiQ encoders. Comprises a DQ100 evaluation board, driver software and documentation. DRIVE-CLiQ interface software can be developed using the DQ100 evaluation board, whatever driver software and documentation is used.
  • Support and certification
    The Siemens Support Center provides support for the integration of the DRIVE-CLiQ encoder interface and certifies the DRIVE-CLiQ measuring system.
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