SIMOTICS M-1FE built-in motors

Our SIMOTICS main motors are tailored to the increasing demands of modern plant and mechanical engineering. Available in robust asynchronous or synchronous designs, they are characterized by short rise times and tackle even the most extreme load cycles with a high accuracy in speed, torque and positioning.

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Overview of the product range

SIMOTICS M-1FE built-in motors are offered as asynchronous and synchronous variants with water cooling. Depending on the speed or torque requirement, you have the choice between the high torque and high-speed variants.
System overview

An overview of the technology



Synchronous variant (high speed)


Synchronous variant (high torque)


Asynchronous variant (high torque)

Outer diameter in mm
Cooling method
Water cooling
Water cooling
Water cooling
Rated torque
Up to 300 Nm
Up to 1530 Nm
Up to 600 Nm
Max. speed
Up to  40000 rpm
Up to 18000 rpm
Up to 19000 rpm
Rated power
6,5 - 94 kW
4 - 159 kW
7,5 - 50 kW
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Benefits & applications

Whether turning spindles, grinding spindles, milling spindles - our SIMOTICS M-1FE is always the right choice.
  • Compact design obtained by dispensing with mechanical components
  • Short acceleration and braking times
  • High degree of rigidity thanks to large internal rotor bores (and a therefore large shaft diameter)
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Configure and order SIMOTICS M-1FE quickly and easily

Configure directly online