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Whether for machine tools, extruder worms or paper rolls – SIMOTICS slow speed permanent-magnet torque motors represent an attractive solution for driving all rotary axis types. They can be completely integrated in machines, without requiring mechanical transmission elements. This reduces the space required, provides maximum flexibility when integrating the motors, minimizes maintenance costs and maximizes availability. Further, the direct mechanical connection results in an increased dynamic performance and control quality in the overall system and ensures a high torque at the optimum speed with high precision – resulting in highly productive machines. Depending on the application, you have the choice between two motor types.

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SIMOTICS T Product overview

SIMOTICS torque motors – highest precision for rotary axes

SIMOTICS T system overview

An overview of the technology

*depending on the version and type
T-1FW3 complete torque motor
T-1FW6 built-in torque motor
internal rotor
external rotor
Rated torque *
up to 7.000 Nm
up to 5.760 Nm
up to 2.240 Nm
Rated speed *
up to 1.200 U/min
up to 1.060 U/min
up to 116 U/min
Maximum speed *
up to 1.800 U/min
up to 3.000 U/min
up to 326 U/min
Maximum torque *
up to 11.000 Nm
up to 10.900 Nm
up to 3.850 Nm

SIMOTICS T benefits & applications

  • Highest precision, power and dynamic performance
  • Various application-specific versions
  • Direct controllability; no elasticities in the drive train
  • Low space requirement and simplified maintenance as the motor can be directly integrated into the machine structure without having to use mechanical transmission elements
  • High number of poles for high torques at low speeds
  • Short acceleration times and very high smooth running characteristics
  • High degree of efficiency
  • High degree of availability


  • Process industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Marine solutions
  • Metal forming
  • Rotary indexing machines
  • Rotary indexing tables and partial machines
  • Rotary axes (A/B/C for 5-axis machining centers)
  • Workpiece spindles
  • Roll and cylinder drives
  • Test stands
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