Shougang Jingtang Steel Plant

Shougang Jingtang Steel Plant, China

Blast Furnace Blower Application
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Outstanding performance and cost savings at Blast Furnace Blowers

Shougang Jingtang Steel Plant, China

Customer profile

Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co., Ltd


The Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. with an annual steel output of about 10 million tons of iron and steel is located in the Caofeidian Industrial Zone of Tangshan City, Hebei Province.

Project information

For the two 5500 m3 blast furnaces a blower station is necessarily set up. Three axial-flow BF blowers (two in operation and one stands by) are installed inside the blower station. The maximum air volume of the blowers is 10000 Nm3/min and the air pressure at outlets is 0.65 MPa(a). Three 60MW High Voltage motors, the largest ever installed in China, are provided from Siemens Large Drives to drive the giant blowers.

Higher efficiency and less maintenance. And an optimum plant availability. We save a lot of OPEX costs for the blast furnace blower.
Zhang Cheng Jun, Director of Equipment Department at Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

Customer objectives

Maximum performance and significant cost savings at the Blast Furnace Blowers.

Main Benefits for Shougang Jingtang

  • Outstanding Performance: largest electrical motors ever installed in China
  • Cost Saving (CAPEX): no separate gears necessary, as they are 2-pole motors
  • Cost Savings (OPEX): higher energy efficiency and maximum plant availability
  • Successful start up rate of more than 99% and within 1-2 minutes

Siemens' solution

Scope of Supply:

  • 11 synchronous motors (including 3 sets 60 MW syn. Motors with Excitation Panels, which are the largest electrical motors running in China)
  • 6 sets of LCI’s (Load Commutated Inverters), including 2 sets of 14.5 MW SINAMICS GL150 starting converters) for the blast furnaces, air separation units and sinter plants
  • Matching Transformers
  • 1 set of Medium Voltage Switchgears
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