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SINAMICS G180 Chassis and Cabinet Units

SINAMICS G180 are compact devices, cabinet systems and cabinet units (air and liquid cooled) for variable-speed drives in plant and machinery construction; which have been specifically designed for applications in oil and gas, the chemical and process industries. They have been specially developed to address the requirements of drives with square law and constant load characteristics. 

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Special properties of the SINAMICS G180

SINAMICS G180 represents the optimum drive solution that can be adapted to the various industry specific requirements in the core industries using a wide range of options and X options (special, customer-specific options).
Technical data

Technic overview

Line voltage and output range
3 AC 230 - 690 V; 2.2 up to 6600 kW
Line frequency and output frequency
47 to 63 Hz; 0 to 250 Hz (dependent on the power)

Control modes

Vector control with encoder or U/f control

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SINAMICS G180 - Benefits and typical applications

  • System losses are reduced as a result of the optimized clock cycle frequency
  • The "random pattern" function significantly reduces motor noise
  • Short, straightforward commissioning and parameterization using the IMS (Inverter Management Software) commissioning tool
  • All devices have a specific connection area
  • The integrated du/dt filter allows long motor cables to be used
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Devices with 500 V and 690 V rated voltage are suitable for operation on ungrounded line supplies (IT line systems)
  • ATEX-certified for motors in hazardous zones


  • Petrochemical industry
  • Power and utility industries
  • Test stand systems
  • Conveyor systems
  • General machinery construction applications
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Configure and order SINAMICS G180 quickly and easily

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