Accessories for low voltage drives

Key Visual Low Voltage Drives Accessories

Supplementary system components for variable frequency drives

With the SINAMICS accessories, you gain even more operation and control capabilities for your SINAMICS variable frequency drives. Mobile. Clever. Faster.

SINAMICS Smart Access Module

Web-based operator panel with wireless client connection

Mobile commissioning, diagnostics, service

With the SINAMICS Smart Access Module, you can wirelessly connect your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop) via WiFi to the drives. This gives you a powerful tool with numerous functions for cableless commissioning, diagnostics, and service. The module is set up in just a few steps. No installation or downloading of additional software is required due to the web server function. A standard web browser and a commercially available operating system are all you need. The user interface of the SINAMICS Smart Access Module is simple and intuitive to configure and use.

  • Quick commissioning – mobile and smart
  • Motor test – setting and changing the motor speed
  • Simple maintenance and diagnostics
  • All parameters and settings at a glance
  • Storing and sharing converter data
Operator panels for SINAMICS variable frequency drives

Operator panels for direct connection to the drives

Local operation, monitoring, series commissioning, diagnostics, service
Connectivity solutions

Connectivity for SINAMICS low-voltage drives

Give your drives the ability to communicate: The digitalization portfolio for drives provides wide-ranging connectivity solutions for linking SINAMICS low-voltage drives to the cloud or to the Siemens Industrial Edge platform.

Discover the right connectivity solutions for your SINAMICS low-voltage drives

Whether SINAMICS CONNECT 300, SIMATIC IoT gateways and SIMATIC controllers for connection to the cloud, or the drive system framework for Industrial Edge: Discover our digital connectivity solutions that allow you to permanently capture the data of your low-voltage converters and transmit it for analysis, either to MindSphere, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system, or to a local system or on-site edge platform. 

System components for SINAMICS variable frequency drives

Supplementary system components for drives

Other optional components are available for converters to suit different needs

An overview of further supplementary system components, including

  • I/O extension modules
  • IP21 top cover
  • Push-through mounting frames
  • Memory cards
  • (Safe) brake relay
  • Blanking covers
  • Shield connection kits and plates
  • Adapters for mounting on DIN rails
  • PC-converter connection kit
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Product partners for drive options

Supplementary components

Line filters, line reactors, braking resistors, sine-wave filters or output reactors are just some of our product partners' offerings

Product partners for industry

Do you need additional options for our products? Or customized solutions for specific applications? If so, our Siemens product partners – with whom we work closely across the globe – will be able to help you. On the basis of their specific know-how, these proven experts ideally complement our extensive portfolio – with products and systems that they develop, produce and sell themselves. With these collaborations we are pursuing the goal of ensuring that you benefit from maximally complete, high quality and efficient solutions that enable you to sustainably improve your competitiveness.

Product partners for industry
Downloads and support

Additional information on SINAMICS accessories

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