The servo drive system with simple configuration for mechanical engineering

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With this converter, which is provided specially for use with the newly developed SIMOTICS S-1FK2 motors, Siemens offers a new servo drive system with various performance classes from 50 W to 7 kW. The converter already has an integrated safety function and configuration couldn't be easier. Connection to the higher-level controller is implemented via PROFINET, commissioning through the web server, and One Button Tuning is a real delight. Finally, the design prize-winning SIMOTICS 1FK2 servo motors move small loads highly dynamically and medium to large loads extremely precisely.

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Commissioning of the drive task, inclusive SIMATIC Controller.
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Overview of strengths

Versatile. Precise. Safe.

Main applications of the SINAMICS S210 servo drive system in particular are machines for packaging, handling such as pick & place, wood and ceramics processing, as well as digital printing.

Commissioning in just a few steps

The simple, high-performance, and safe servo drive system.

Highlights SINAMICS S210

The tried-and-tested high-end SINAMICS S210 motion control servo drive system combines high-performance hardware with efficient engineering and innovative software. Here you can see the highlights of our motion control solution.
  • Converters and motors working perfectly together.
  • Fully scalable for any application.
  • For medium to highest performance.
  • Complete motion control functions in the SIMATICS S7-1500 controller.
  • Easy plug-and-play commissioning wit one-cable connection
  • With one-button tuning automatically optimize controller parameters.
  • Performant SIMOTICS S-1FK2 motors with low complexity.
  • Safety functions integrated.



SINAMICS S210 - The simple, high-performance, and safe servo drive system

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System overview

Technology overview

1) Available for firmware V5.1 SP1 and higher. The Extended Functions require a Safety license.
Power range

230 V 1 AC, 0.1 kW - 0.75 kW

400 V 3 AC, 0.4 kW - 7 kW 


0.05 kW - 0.75 kW

0.4 kW - 6.4 kW 

Torque range

230 V 1 AC, 0.16 Nm - 3.2 Nm

400 V 3 AC, 1.3 Nm - 40 Nm

Safety functions
STO, SS1, SBC, SS21), SOS1), SLS1), SSM1), SDI1), SLA1), SBT1)
Commissioning / engineering
Web server / Startdrive
EMC filter
Integrated (1 AC 230 V: Class C2  / 3 AC 400 V: Class C3)



Motor connection technology

One-cable connection technology (OCC) with SPEED-CONNECT quick-release lock and rotatable, compact connector

Permissible cable length: Up to 50 m

Typical control and motion control functionality

The motion control functionalities such as positioning, synchronism, cams, etc. are implemented using the available SIMATIC technology objects in the SIMATIC S7-1500 controller. Fail-safe SIMATIC versions are available for safety applications.

SIMATIC Technology

Motor versions

• Version with low rotor moment of inertia (High-Dynamic) with shaft heights from 20 to 63 mm

• Version with medium rotor moment of inertia (Compact) with shaft heights from 30 to 100 mm

Motor options
Brake, multiturn and singleturn encoder, feather key, shaft sealing ring
The SIMOGEAR gearbox portfolio can be attached using the optional gearbox adapter (SIMOGEAR KS adapter).

SIMOGEAR geared motors
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Typical applications

Suitable applications for SINAMICS S210


SINAMICS S210 in practice

The SINAMICS S210 is being successfully used in numerous projects all over the world. You can find an interesting selection of these projects here.

Easy configuration and ordering

Configure and order your SINAMICS S210

You can easily and quickly configure the frequency converter SINAMICS S210 with the Siemens Drive configurator and then order it via the IndustyMall ordering system.

Configure and order the SINAMICS S210 quickly and easily

Configure directly online