SINAMICS SH150 for special requirements


Premium converter system for special drive and grid applications featuring M2C active front end for complex 2Q and 4Q requirements

SINAMICS SH150 medium voltage converters are designed for applications with special or complex requirements. All of the system versions and functions allow for numerous product specific solutions tailored to your applications' needs. The power units come from SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY GH150 and the predecessor SINAMICS SM120 CM due to the proven advantages of those product lines.

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Benefits at a glance

Motors of literally any type – old or new – can be operated with standard winding insulation without additional stress. Transformer-less connection to local grids on request. 

Dedicated U/f droop control to create an island grid or to co-supply together with other generators. Additionally supply dynamic reactive power for voltage stabilization (STATCOM).

Simultaneous 2Q or 4Q operation and grid VAR compensation with AFE and motor-side inverter. Also for rotating generators.

Cell redundancy with automatic cell bypass for increased availability. Marine classification for ship and offshore applications.

Technical data overview

2Q Grid Supply
4Q Drive
4Q Coupling *)
Marine, Energy, Industrial Grid
Test Equipment, Offshore Drive
Offshore, Energy, Industrial Grid
Minerals, Industrial Grid
Ship Shaft Generator, Power from Shore, 50/60 Hz Conversion
Regenerating. Test Stand, Transf.-less Drive, Drive + VAR compensation
Bidirectional Coupling, 50/60 Hz Conversion with VAR compensation
VAR compensator
3.3 - 11 kV
3.3 - 11 kV
3.3 - 11 kV
3.0 - 10 kV
Type rating
4 - 32 MVA
4 - 32 MVA
4 - 32 MVA
3 - 32 MVAr

Topology A 

Control **)

M2C Active Front End
U/f droop control
M2C Active Front End
AFE control
M2C Active Front End
U/f droop control
M2C Active Front End
U/f droop control

Topology B 

Control **)

Diode Rectifier
12-, 24-, 36-pulse
M2C Motor Module
Vector control
M2C Active Front End
AFE control

Order Number

*) on request
**) without grid code certification

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