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Industry of the future is efficient, productive and sustainable. With our drive systems and digital services, your production environment will be a trailblazer – regarding both cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness.
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Everybody's talking about sustainability. But how can you play a role?

With the Paris Agreement, 196 countries have agreed on climate goals that are both ambitious and important. This means that CO2 emissions will become expensive, making efficient operation that much more important. Electric motors consume 70% of the overall energy used in industry – therefore representing an enormous energy saving potential. You can optimize your processes and enter into a new dimension of efficiency with the latest electric motors and digital services.

When is the right time to take action? Right now!

The best way to really optimize your drive systems effectively: with a holistic, consequentially digital strategy. Together, we can draw-up the optimum solution for your plant or system. We can support you with the latest drive technology which, with IE4 and IE5, complies with the standards of today and tomorrow. With digital services, we transform the data from your drives into a truly valuable resource – which with Predictive Maintenance Services, significantly boosts productivity and efficiency. With Siemens as partner, you secure the know-how that you require to increase the productivity of your drives – combining higher energy efficiency and productivity and at the same time saving valuable resources. Now is the time to take action. With us, the possibilities are endless.

This combination creates a concept that certainly pays off – for you and the environment. 

Great for the climate – and also your company.

Sustainability starts with your drives. With efficient motors and digital services, you can play a decisive role in achieving ambitious climate targets and reducing your operating costs. Decide right now for a concept that combines economic sense and ecological responsibility.
Regulations & Tools

New ErP regulation for electric motors in Europe

Since July 1, 2021, the new EU regulation has been in force specifying the energy efficiency of electric motors.

To determine the energy efficiency of a motor, in the past, globally applicable efficiency classes and a series of energy efficiency regulations were drawn up, which are summarized under the eco-design or ErP regulation name. The efficiency classifications are based on the international IEC/EN 60034-30-1 Standard, which defines Classes IE0 to IE4 for electric motors.

The previous regulation 640/2009/EG will be replaced by the new regulation (EU) 1781/2019. This new regulation defines minimum requirements for motors, and are called MEPS (Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards). For the first time ever, they also include a clear ruling for converters as well as an IE4 efficiency class requirement for electric motors. 

Find out about current and upcoming ErP regulations worldwide

MEPS Guide

Calculate your energy savings potential with SinaSave

Based on your application SinaSave tool determines the energy saving potential and payback times, so you can make well-founded investment decisions. Use our energy efficiency tool to calculate how much cost, energy and CO2 you can save.​

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Success starts with efficiency

The future has already begun. Discover how energy efficient drive technology already plays a valuable role in sustainable and efficient production. Optimizing electric drive systems is the game changer for achieving higher sustainability in industrial environments. Our white paper provides the details of the concept that combines economic sense and ecological responsibility.

Are you prepared for such a game changer?

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