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Energy-Efficient Drive Systems

Whitepaper "Game Changer for industry and climate protection"

Electric motors play a crucial part in reducing our global consumption of energy and resources. Efficient and intelligent system solutions provide an opportunity to achieve enormous savings with a simple drive train. At Siemens, we are keenly aware of the key role and the responsibility that we have as a global supplier of drive technologies, and our position as innovation drivers in industry. That's why we prepare our drives for action every day: not only to meet the new regulations of the future, but also as game changers for a more sustainable future.

How optimized electric drive systems combine cost-effectiveness and ecological responsibility

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  • Investments in greater efficiency and productivity go hand in hand with increased ecological sustainability and economic benefits.
  • As the cost of a motor's power consumption during its lifetime accounts for up to 97% of the total cost, the desire to have the most efficient solutions possible is as much an imperative of economic as well as ecological responsibility and common sense.
  • The trend is toward optimized motor converter systems tailored to the application. 
  • Efficiency gains are also achieved by avoiding plant downtimes, increasing process efficiency, and cutting lifecycle costs.

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