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As a machine builder and equipment supplier, you know that the requirements placed with regard to motors and drives are continuously increasing. And you are used to obtaining components from us, which allow you to fulfil these requirements. But the following also applies: Increased power respectively an enhanced functionality of our components open up new possibilities for you, which allow you to improve your products, plants and systems, offer your customers added value, and expand your market position. This can, however, only be implemented at reasonable expense to a certain extent within a device generation. One day you will be confronted with limits which can no longer be surpassed using the existing technology, but require a new approach to be applied. Regarding our proven MICROMASTER drives, this point has already been reached: the MICROMASTER drives have been type-cancelled effective Oct 1st, 2019. After this date you have access to our spare parts service and service support including extensive repair and service support offerings. Thus, we want to ensure availability of the drive systems installed in the field. In addition we submit through our “Drive System Retrofit for MICROMASTER” the extension of the lifecycle of your machine. Thus, we want to offer a sufficient level of investment security for your company. Swop over from MICROMASTER to SINAMICS drive family and continuously benefit from guaranteed spare part provision.

The Retrofit Kit Configurator supports you to quickly complete your retrofit project

Retrofit Kit Configurator


For basic applications

Minimize your costs in engineering, commissioning and operation through Sinamics V20 (1 AC 230V, 3 AC 400V)

  • Compact design, side-by-side mounting
  • Parameter loading and transferring without power supply
  • ECO-mode for V/f und V²/f. Smart hibernation mode


For basic applications

Increase your safety and efficiency with SINAMICS G120C (3 AC 400 V) and SINAMICS G120 (1/3 AC 230 V)

  • Safety Integrated functionality
  • PROFINET communication
  • Perfect integration into automation


For pump and fan applications in water/ wastewater and HVAC industries

Increase your performance and efficiency with SINAMICS G120X (3 AC 400 V, 3 AC 600 V)

  • Consistently available power spectrum in 9 sizes from 0.75 - 630 kW
  • Convincingly efficient with specific industry and energy efficiency functions
  • Robust and IP20 rated. Optional IP21 in UL open type drip-proof available
  • Easy connectivity with Modbus RTU, USS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS


For highly complex applications

Increase your speed and efficiency with SINAMICS G120C (3 AC 400 V) and SINAMICS G120 (1/3 AC 230 V, 3 AC 400 V, 3 AC 600 V)

  • Extended Safety Integrated functionality
  • Integrated positioning function
  • Integrated energy recovery function
  • High degree of flexibility and combinability 

Retrofit for MICROMASTER

Beneftit from an extended machine life and higher availability due to continuous spare parts supply. Achieve higher productivity through lower energy costs and faster production cycles.

The retrofit for MICROMASTER covers the new SINAMICS components as well as the deployment of the required field service technician who carries out the replacement and commissioning. All MICROMASTER components can be replaced at once or as partial/step-by-step retrofit.


For basic or simple applications the new Retrofit Kit for Drives is recommended. Using the Retrofit Kit Configurator you can configure and complete the retrofit yourself, while minimise project costs. The Retrofit Kit includes all the information you need as well as the online conversion of parameters.


Several other elements can be included (replacement of motors and controls, adaption of the technical documentation of the machine, training of machine operators in the operation and maintenance of new components).


Configuration of SINAMICS frequency converter with Drive Technology Configurator

Fast selection and simple configuration: the configurator helps you to select the optimum products for your application - from frequency inverters and electric motors for industry to gears and the associated components to controllers, software licenses and connection technology. 

Find the right frequency converter for your application

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SINAMICS frequency converter: The system-based advantages

Let us support you in your retrofit project and configure the right SINAMICS converter.

The Retrofit Kit Configurator supports you when selecting the optimum SINAMICS products for your existing MICROMASTER application – starting from inverters up to the options. Whether with little or detailed product knowledge: the direct selection of products by entering MICROMASTER item numbers allows a quick and efficient overview about comparable SINAMICS products. Due to the direct integration into the Industry Mall, where you can find further information or order directly.

The Retrofit Kit Configurator supports you to quickly complete your retrofit project

Retrofit Kit Configurator