Uniquely compact. Extremely rugged. Outstandingly powerful.

The ultra-compact 200 kW – 3.1 MW high-voltage motor series with innovative cooling systems. The new SIMOTICS HV C high-voltage motors are winners with their completely innovative design. The patented cooling system for the air-cooled, flameproof version is nothing less than revolutionary, and the power density achieved for the air-cooled flameproof version is setting the standard on the market.


SIMOTICS HV C flameproof

Unbeatably compact – extremely reliable

SIMOTICS HV C flameproof is the new ultracompact flameproof high voltage motor, which ensures maximum safety and very reliable operation, even in highly explosive environments. The reason for the unique power density is a revolutionary cooling concept. The combines the principle of air circulating in the motor – together with tube cooling elements: Further, the SIMOTICS HV C flameproof stets itself apart as a result of its extremely rugged design for maximum reliability, even under harsh conditions, optimized vibration behavior – as well as extremely short delivery times and high on-time delivery for this power class.

SIMOTICS HV C water-jacket-cooled

Very space-saving and efficient in harsh environments. The water jacket-cooled version designed using CFD optimization also offers significant higher power ratings with no change in unit size.

The SIMOTICS HV C water-jacket-cooled is the new high voltage motor, which as a result of its optimized cooling concept, has been made even more compact – making it the ideal solution for applications where space is restricted. At the same time, the motor is predestined for extreme installation locations as dirty, aggressive and salt-laden air is reliably prevented from entering the motor. Further, it allows the dissipated heat to be recovered and used in the process itself.

Additional optimization has also resulted in a lighter design, even quieter operation and a further improved vibrational behavior, which ensures smooth operation and in turn maximum service life fort the plant or system. These motors also set themselves apart as a result of the extremely short delivery times – and high on-time delivery for this power class.

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Technical information

Technical detail at a glance

Power output
200 kW - 3,1 MW*
690 V - 11 kV
Shaft height
400 - 560 mm*
Protection type
IP55 - IP66
Cooling types
IC71W, IC411, IC416
Explosion protection
Ex d, Ex d(e) (bei IC411/416)
*in final development stage
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Uniquely compact. Extremely rugged. Outstandingly powerful.

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