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Fault Localization in the cloud – SICAM Localizer The watchful guardian for your overhead lines

The basis for fast and efficient fault management was previously bound to the control room. SICAM Localizer is a new, cloud-based service, which makes it possible to send fault information – including the fault location – directly to the maintenance crews so they can go right to the faulty section without time-consuming line patrol. The result is that fault messages are enabled even without a control room or complex IT hardware – making fault localization with SICAM Localizer a mobile and surprisingly cost-effective alternative. Discover the advantages of this solution now!

Fault localization in detail

There’s no way around efficient fault management

SICAM Localizer is the latest service from Siemens for efficient, simple, and cost-effective fault localization. It can be implemented without an investment-intensive IT/OT infrastructure. For, SICAM Localizer is running on Siemens MindSphere, the cloud-based open IoT-operating system

The safe and reliable supply of power for both industrial and private customers is now more in demand than ever before. Existing medium-voltage networks, however, have historically been very limited in the extent to which they pursue automation and intelligent methods. The result is unnecessarily high maintenance efforts, especially for grid distribution operators, and makes the essential interference management more difficult.

In case of a short circuit or ground fault, the power supply must be restored as quickly as possible. If an overhead line is damaged, fault localization is usually very complex. Maintenance teams must check the so-called fault passage indicators (FPI) along overhead lines, or route the individual substations sequentially in order to locate and correct the fault. Fault reporting systems significantly reduce the time needed for this process but are dependent on a control room.

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Traditional fault management

In the event of a fault, a fault indication in the control room signals the response of the circuit breaker or disconnector in the affected line section. In doing so, it allows the staff in the control room to send a maintenance team directly to the identified fault location quickly and eliminate a complex, on-site search. 

For some time now, fault indicators were able to be equipped with a modem or a mobile radio gateway at the factory, then used for fault reporting. But to date, their signals were not able to be collected and evaluated without a control room.

SICAM Localizer the watchful guardian – simply clever.

The Siemens cloud-based SICAM Localizer takes on the role of the control room in the event of a fault. All faults are automatically reported there, quickly evaluated, and transmitted to the maintenance personnel’s mobile devices, complete with accurate data of the affected section. Your advantage: Even without a dedicated control room, you have a sophisticated, efficient fault management that can be set up quickly and easily.

Available from anywhere and easy to use

The ability to perform fault localization in the cloud with SICAM Localizer leads to comprehensive grid monitoring capabilities, all in a user-friendly Web browser-based plug-and-play solution, which is available on mobile devices at all times.

Operation is simple: Fault indicators are automatically logged in the cloud during installation by a QR code scan and the GPS coordinate. Then, the cloud signals the faults, displays the relevant fault indicators on a geographic map, and sends fault information messages directly to the  technicians’ mobile handsets. In this way, distribution grid operators can  significantly reduce the time and effort required for fault localization without investing in the construction and maintenance of a complex IT/OT infrastructure.

Quick implementation

A set for fault localization in the cloud contains a pre-parameterized communication gateway and three pre-configured FPIs. The user simply logs in from the workplace in the cloud and stores the mobile phone numbers of his employees.  The fault indicators are automatically detected. Connected via mobile communication they register themselves independently in the cloud and only have to be installed in the field on the respective lines and masts and registered scanning the QR-Code imprinted.

This is how you profit from Siemens’ innovative offer

Modern technology used to your advantage – this is fault localization in the cloud. This allows you to quickly and easily optimize your fault management without having to invest in expensive technology.


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