Energy Business Transformation

Apply the power of our expertise: As an experienced technology and management consultancy to the energy sector, we create value for our customers – from energy generation to distribution. Drawing on our wide range of experience, methodology, technical knowledge, and tools, we can help you overcome the challenges of integrating digitalization in your business strategy. We are part of the Smart Infrastructure division of Siemens AG with 80 management consultants in four different hubs. Let us partner with you to enable a viable transformation of the energy sector

What would you like to achieve?

Customer segments

Create value from generation to distribution


Get ready for the future and discover new approaches and solutions for a reliable yet transformed energy supply.

Consulting services

Discover the latest technologies to ensure secure and smart power distribution.

Consulting services
City manager and planner

Be equipped to keep up with the changing requirements of today's cities with innovative solutions for energy infrastructures.

Renewables and decentralized energy systems

Define the right business model to sustainably implement renewable energy.

Consulting services

Build on digital innovation to optimize power transmission

Consulting services

Get advice on innovative infrastructure for the requirements of eMobility

Consulting services

Working together on tomorrow’s success

How do you pave the way for value creation in future? Our energy business advisory services can help you in many ways. Examples range from creating and implementing strategies for infrastructure development, via setting up your market access, to preparing future business transactions.

Digital business strategy and transformation

Digitalization, decarbonization, and decentralization are drivers for change in the energy sector, defining the operational, technological, and business models of utility companies.

Smart infrastructure advisory

Smart technologies and digitalization are defining the requirements for the future infrastructure of countries, cities, and districts determined by socioeconomic and environmental values and factors.

Planning and regulatory advisory

Adequate models, plans, and strategies to enable clients to not only survive but thrive in challenging regulated markets and environments.

Cybersecurity Services and Consulting


Holistic cybersecurity approach that involves embedding cybersecurity requirement from the design stage to the delivery stage of any project and initiative.


What our customers say

Shaping the utility of the future

CAN$1.3 billion

savings of CAPEX

and OPEX costs 

New Brunswick Power – Fredericton, Canada

NB Power will save this amount of money over 25 years through the implementation of a future-oriented modernization plan. The successful deployment of Smart Grid technologies improves both the electrical network operations as well as the economic situation for the utility and its customers. The successful deployment of Smart Grid technologies improves both the electrical network operations as well as the economic situation for the utility and it's customers.

Modeling the business eco-system


interrelated business models were identified

Smart & Clean District Östersundom – Helsinki, Finland

The development and expansion of business models centered around the relation of the business focus areas energy, fod and fiber. The utilization of Siemens’ Business Eco-System Modeling approach helped to drive the development of the area of Östersundom into becoming a “Smart & Clean“ new district of Helsinki City

Preparing for future challenges

10 years

Smart Grid Value Creation Program

Aziende Industriali di Lugano SA – Lugano, Switzerland

As an outcome of completing all three project phases, AIL has an implementable program at hand to prepare for the future. Applying Siemens’ Smart Grid Compass consulting framework ensured meeting the new upcoming requirements of the energy market and paving AIL’s way into the future


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