Digital business strategy and transformation

Reshape your business for a digital future: Digitalization, decarbonization and decentralization are drivers for change in the energy sector defining the operational-, technological and business models of utility companies.

Utilizing digitalization strategies

Explore new technologies to transform your business. We can support you in the following fields of application:

Utility of the future strategies

Intermittent renewable energy, distributed generation, ambitious environmental targets, and new market entrants as well as the push from regulatory bodies for level playing fields, environmental responsibility, and increased transparency – utilities are facing a variety of new challenges on their way to building smart grids or the “utility of the future.” Siemens PTI offers you vast experience in designing business strategies and the accompanying implementation plans that will help you manage the demands of intermittent renewable energy sources, improve your operational excellence, and reshape your business models. Digitalization Compass™, our core utility consulting framework, analyzes your utility’s current situation, develops a strategic vision for the future, and uses technology deployments as key business enablers to move toward the identified vision.

Digitalization Compass™ methodology from Siemens PTI

Assessing the impact of digitalization for a company is a very complex task. We have developed a special methodology to examine the use of novel technologies for different business units.


Explore the Digitalization Compass™ from Siemens PTI.

Business model transformation

As we work with utilities around the world, we increasingly see utility management and energy industry executives searching for ways to cut costs and unlock new value streams in domains where new market entrants are disrupting their business model. Utilities are intensely focused on streamlining their business processes, opening up new customer channels, and unlocking innovative value streams. By using a variety of innovative tools, Siemens PTI can actively support you in your transformational journey by identifying sound business models, developing detailed roadmaps, and formulating a concrete implementation plan in a structured process that aligns your strengths and your business objectives with technological possibilities. Ourexpertise in change management will also help you navigate potential complexities that may arise in the future as a result of changes in regulatory mechanisms, energy-efficiency goals, and emissionsreductions targets.

Companies need to rethink their business models

A new study examines the impact of digital transformation on the construction and real-estate sectors. We spoke with one of the authors.

Managed transition programs

In the face of the multiple, rapidly developing challenges on different fronts, utilities need to adapt quickly and in the right direction in order to successfully navigate the energy transformation. We support you in executing comprehensive transition programs over multiple years. Building on our Digitalization Compass™ framework, we support you in transitioning to your planned strategy through the departure and navigation phases.

The departure phase creates the basic structure on which the subsequent business transformation program will be built. Examples of activities include staffing the core roles including the program management office, setting up the governance structure and infrastructure, and preparing the utility’s organization to effectively deal with process changes.

The navigation phase executes all process change measures and technology deployment plans in accordance with the planned strategies, and includes active monitoring of value generation against agreed-upon value targets.


Business transformation in practice

Siemens PTI helps utilities worldwide to adapt their existing business strategies, identify cost-cutting opportunities, explore customer value perception, and monetize new value streams. Learn about some of our top business transformation projects.


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