Value creation with infrastructure

Smart infrastructure advisory

Smart technologies and digitalization are defining the requirements for future infrastructure of countries, cities and districts determined by socioeconomic and environmental values and factors.

Planning a new infrastructure project

Successfully implement new infrastructure with the latest systems and services.

We can support you in the following fields of application:

Smart infrastructure strategies and concepts

Smart City Scoping

Smart Technologies can make life in cities safer, more productive, cheaper and more sustainable. Decentralized, renewable energy sources and storage, infrastructure for electromobility, smart streetlights, smart water meters – the list of promising technologies for the City of the Future is long and steadily growing. Yet what helps bring us closer to fulfilling our vision of a neighborhood life worth living? Read in this whitepaper, released by the Siemens Energy Business Advisory, how urban planners tackle such showcase projects. Want to know more? Read the Whitepaper: Planning for the future  - the technologies on which city planners can rely.

Utility of the future

As new technologies arise and society’s perspective on energy changes, utilities have to get future-proof. NB Power met the new circumstances by empowering people to manage their own electricity consumption. Read how NB Power uses smart grid to create the utility of the future:


Download Now | Whitepaper: Planning for the future - the technologies on which city planners can rely


Infrastructure development in practice

Discover how other cities, communities, and utilities worldwide are already using modern technologies to drive  economic, social, and environmental value for a sustainable future.  


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