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A leading source of National Energy Forecasts in support of energy transactions for more than twenty years, Siemens Energy Business Advisory (formerly Pace Global Energy Services, LLC*) shares its current view of U.S. energy markets, for a limited time free of charge. Easily accessible by download, it’s worth a try, if you:

  • require current Energy Price Forecasts based on the latest market fundamentals 
  • need to evaluate data for a buy-side / sell-side / financing transaction decision that requires the assistance of our consulting experts
  • are interested in using a Siemens forecast to internally evaluate current projects and ensure that our market view meets with your requirements.
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A leading source of National Energy Market Forecasts in support of energy transactions for more than twenty years.
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For a limited time, Siemens Energy Business Advisory (formerly Pace Global Energy Services, LLC**) is providing its current Reference Case forecast and underlying assumptions free of charge for financial institutions - including banks, funds, independent power producers and other energy transaction participants (usage restriction may apply). Siemens Energy Business Advisory’s forecasts are updated and provided for download semi-annually. The forecast is based on our most up-to-date input assumptions including future natural gas forecasts, environmental market attributes and energy demand.

The free download cannot be used for energy transactions that require a third-party independent forecast, including lender materials, inclusion in Confidential Information Memoranda, or distribution to potential counterparties. The free download offer is not available for investor owned utilities, municipal utilities, cooperatives, or independent system operators as the free forecasts are only available using Siemens Energy Business Advisory’s Reference Case assumptions. The Siemens Terms of Download and Privacy Policy will apply to each download. By checking the box below and completing the download, you certify that you do not work for or represent an investor owned utility, municipal utility, cooperative, or independent system operator, and that you will not use the forecasts to support transactions or for distribution to third parties.



Free offer is for a limited time.

**Pace Global Energy Services, LLC, a top-tier independent energy market consulting firm, was acquired by Siemens Industry, Inc. in 2012 and subsequently became Siemens Energy Business Advisory. Trusted by global decision makers for decades, Siemens Energy Business Advisory maintains the same high-quality, technology-agnostic, independent consulting practices. More importantly, we continue to work on a confidential basis, carefully protecting your data and strategic objectives. In fact, the only things that have changed are the name, and the breadth and depth of Siemens resources when and if needed for your transaction or strategic needs.


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