Energy goes digital

Energy goes digital

Connection energy automation systems to IoT.

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As the energy sector races to meet the deadlines of the Paris Agreement, Europe is currently facing an energy crisis. Power utilities everywhere are looking for the best strategic approach to speeding up their energy transition. To meet the transition, silos must be broken, because sustainability and grid stability are not contradictory, but go hand in hand – through digitalization. Let’s meet from November 29 to December 1, 2022 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, booth 12.1.C10 and discuss where and how to start!

Connection energy automation systems to IoT

Energy goes digital

Connecting energy automation systems to the cloud (IoT)

Connecting automated energy systems to the IoT. The Internet of Things (IoT) allows all components in energy automation systems to supply data for consolidation, visualization, and evaluation in a cloud-based operating system such as MindSphere. Full data transparency unlocks the potential of the power grid in order to increase reliability, optimize efficiency and enhance grid safety.

Mastering distribution grid diversification by IoT

Beside historic tasks the distribution grid is used for new services. Various aspects considered to build new strategies struggle with the lack of data. We will present how to get data and more imported which insights are going to improve reliability and operational costs.

Monitor and analyze your power grid status

Grid Diagnostic Suite

Key Principal Bruno Opitsch presents the Grid Diagnostic Suite

Grid Diagnostic Suite – Powered by MindSphere - allows grid data to be processed transparently in the cloud. Visualize and analyze data provided by SIPROTEC, Reyrolle and SICAM devices using Grid Diagnostic Suite apps. This keeps your power grid status transparent so you can react more quickly to grid conditions and plan predictive maintenance.


Demo – Grid Diagnostic Suite

Protection relay data at a glance

SIPROTEC Dashboard

SIPROTEC Dashboard - Protection relay data a glance

Get precise information about critical gird faults in no time where ever you are

The SIPROTEC Dashboard simplifies this process. It enables service engineers to get insights immediately on their mobile devices - for a smarter way of working!


The SIPROTEC Dashboard visualizes data transmitted from protection relays into the MindSphere cloud on a smartphone or tablet. Information from SIPROTEC and Reyrolle devices become easily available in a map view, including various notification functions. Operators can then analyze the status of their distributed energy automation systems based on protection trip information, condition-monitoring data, and security events. SIPROTEC Dashboard also features risk detection and helps optimize maintenance activities thanks to the integrated functionalities of the SIPROTEC 5 series.


Demo SIPROTEC Dashboard

Fast and efficient fault localization for overhead lines

SICAM Localizer

SICAM Localizer

Have the right information at  hand!

To do an efficient maintenance on your overhead-line distribution you should have the right information. To collect these is time consuming and cumbersome. SICAM Localizer analytic function gives a comprehensive insight. Furthermore, it simplifies for service engineers to drill down on sections at risk – for a smarter way of working.


The SICAM Localizer automates the tasks of reporting and localizing faults on overhead lines by using IoT-enabled fault sensors reporting to the MindSphere cloud. Information on faulty line segments are shown on a map leading to faster restoration of power to an affected area. Furthermore, energy flows can be tracked and analyzed in a time-series view to detect possible anomalies related to energy infeed or connected loads.


Demo SICAM Localizer

Monitoring of transformer substations

SICAM Navigator

SICAM Navigator - Monitoring of transformer substations

Have the right information at hand!

Have the distribution grid status, especially critical intends at hand wherever you are. Get notified in no time about gird faults in medium-voltage or low-voltage distribution. This empowers service engineers to start solving grid faults in no time. And even better, evaluate the grid behavior and avoid grid fault - for a smarter way of working!


The SICAM Navigator enables grid operators to monitor the status of cable-based secondary distribution substations in the MindSphere cloud. The SICAM Navigator notifies operators about faulty line segments or grid components at risk. Overloads or unbalanced loads are identified based on measured values, such as voltage, current and reactive power, using recorded load profiles. The network capacity is also made transparent and assessable in order to, for example, facilitate the connection of new charging stations for e-vehicles.


Demo SICAM Navigator


Learn more about distribution automation

Substation Hydro-Québec

Digital Substation - Creating a more secure, efficient and modern electricity system

Hydro-Québec selected Siemens to modernize the protection and control system at its Saint-Chrysostome substation. From automation to cybersecurity, the power utility is now well on its way toward a digitalized future.

Core topics

IoT Architecture for Energy Automation Systems

Vendor-neutral communication standards and state-of-the-art authentication and encryption technology are basic requirements for enabling IoT connectivity in a wide range of devices. This means data can be processed and transmitted with maximum interoperability and security. Scalable and powerful IoT platforms such as MindSphere make it possible to integrate a large number of assets and handle a considerable volume of data in a safe and highly reliable manner.

SICAM GridEdge – Secure and efficient infrastructures

SICAM GridEdge records, processes, compresses and translates data from the various data sources (protection devices, RTUs, PQ devices, sensors, etc.) and forwards them to a cloud system for processing. This makes SICAM GridEdge the ideal basis for fault management, asset management, maintenance and diagnostics as well as special data analytics. In this way, you can make the operation of your electrical infrastructure more secure, efficient and sustainable, whether for new plants or for retrofitting existing plants.

Automated secure device onboarding on MindSphere – in a few minutes

SICAM and SIPROTEC devices are onboarded to MindSphere by secure distribution of X.509 communication certificates. After connectivity is established, OPC UA PubSub is used for automated data transmission into the cloud.

Customer benefit

  • Save time with automated onboarding
  • Save money with minimum engineering of the IoT system
  • Protect your data and assets using certificate-based authentication and encryption

Cloud systems

Cloud systems provide IT infrastructure over the Internet, making them especially attractive to operators of large, networked systems such as digital substations. Energy applications in an open cloud architecture can optimally manage the volume of data generated by energy infrastructure. This makes it possible to harness the vast amount of data accumulated in the Internet of Things (IoT) and put it to work for you.

Customer benefit

  • Reduced costs – CAPEX and OPEX
  • Enhanced predictive maintenance
  • Increased grid availability

Downloads and services

Retrofit and enhancement services

Retrofit and enhancement services

Extend the lifespans of your energy system and thereby significantly reduce your costs of ownership with our retrofits and enhancement services for energy automation.

Power Academy training services

Our goal is to prepare you for new professional challenges in power transmission and distribution. We offer professional training courses with different training methods like Virtual Classroom Training, Classroom Training, WBTs, Webinars and Blended Learning. You can choose between open enrollment training courses, customized training courses, workshops or long-term trainings (curricula).

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Energy Automation Webinars

Energy automation webinars

Learn more in one of our energy automation webinars for protection and substation automation engineers and experts.

MindSphere – The IoT solution

MindSphere, the cloud-based, open-IoT operating system from Siemens connects products, plants, systems, and machines to the digital world, allowing you to harness the wealth of data generated by the IoT. This secure and scalable end-to-end industry solution provides the basis for the digital transformation of companies regardless of industry or size. Easily implementable within a narrow time frame, MindSphere is the centerpiece of a powerful IoT ecosystem combining data analytics and connectivity capabilities, tools for developers, applications, and services. With MindSphere, you can evaluate and utilize your data to gain breakthrough insights for enhancing performance and optimizing your assets for maximized uptime.


Learn more about MindSphere

End-to-end Cyber Security

The topics of digitalization and cyber security are closely related and of key strategic importance to Siemens. Keeping the Internet of Things (IoT) secure calls for a holistic approach that addresses people, processes and technology. This approach also serves as the basis for the security of our substation automation systems. 

Siemens products with security capabilities are the foundation of a secure substation automation solution. In the IoT world this is complemented by secure, end-to-end communication that complies with international standards ensuring interoperability. The cloud infrastructure, operating system and applications all contribute to state-of-the-art cloud security.

Learn more about Cyber Security


IoT in Power Grids – White Paper

Read how to prepare electrical grids for tomorrow’s challenges.