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Decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization are major factors driving the revolution of energy systems. Utilities, energy providers and industrial players all over the world need to adapt their technological base as well as their business processes to the new requirements of the energy sector.
Why EnergyIP

EnergyIP® - The powerful IoT platform and application suite

Are you ready to tackle the major factors driving the revolution of energy systems and challenging use cases? You are looking for easy and secure IoT connectivity for your assets via standard communication protocol interfaces?

EnergyIP offers device, grid, and market operations embedded in a single, unique architecture. A comprehensive set of powerful applications are based on the domain specific energy industry data model to fully support processes and complex use cases in the energy industry today and tomorrow. The EnergyIP platform can process data in near real time from millions of distributed grid assets and smart devices, powering new approaches for meter data management, grid optimization and analytics, distributed energy management, energy market participation and asset management to name a few.


You want to gain additional high value from the wealth of data accumulated with various state-of-the-art EnergyIP applications? Find out below, which solutions EnergyIP offers for your specific industry. 

Solutions for Energy Industry (Electricity, Gas, Water and Heat)

EnergyIP Applications enables Utilities, Retailers, DSO`s and Market Operators adapting their technological base as well as their business processes to the new requirements of the energy sector.

With EnergyIP different stakeholders in the energy industry can benefit from various applications. For example as energy retailer and supplier, with EnergyIP you can benefit from new service models that increase customer engagement, support development of new products and applications, and increase energy efficiency. As the role of DSOs in the energy sector evolves, they are looking for ways to optimize their grid investment, while simplifying operational management of assets, devices and business processes. Finally market operators, they are able to develop and implement competitive market models with the support of EnergyIP applications. 

Consulting, Services and Training

The digital transformation is presenting companies with major challenges. As a partner for the energy sector, we support you in your efforts to turn these challenges into even greater opportunities.

We help pave your path to a successful digital future and offer new possibilities to improve your competitive strength. We provide you with individual solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, enhance your existing expertise and maintain your software with best-in-class services. 

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