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More than 500 million of meters instantly ready for analytics. Now the time has come to create more value from meters. Analytics turns data into knowledge that helps optimizing grid efficiency and supply security - scroll down to discover how.

White Paper: Getting smart about smart meter analytics

Data is the world's most valuable commodity. However, it is important how it is managed and used. Utilties are now poised to meaningfully analze data in real time and provide strategic insights to all levels of business users. This directly benefits executives, for strategic planning; engineers, for systems planning; and line personnel, for improving operations.  

EnergyIP® Analytics Suite

Safe. Reliable. Efficient. Confidence beyond meter-to-cash.

The energy system is changing dramatically – and this is posing new challenges but also new opportunities to distribution grids. Smart meter data that is cleaned, transformed and aggregated by EnergyIP Analytics Foundation can be utilized by virtually any external system which covers predictive analysis and grid simulation use cases. Customers also have an increasing need to keep track of what is going on in their grid and how it handles bi-directional energy flow with distributed generations. Smart meters produce an extensive amount of data in real time. The key value in an AMI rollout lies in high quality and automated analytics.

Turn data into insights and insights into action

Utilize the huge amount of data sent from an AMI every day, and every minute, to go beyond traditional meter-to-cash data usage and unlock the true value of your data. 

EnergyIP® Analytics Suite Solutions

Best-in-class analytic applications in data quality and automation to deploy use cases beyond meter-to-cash

Specific applications can be used individually or in a package. They provide valuable information for grid optimization enabling you to make the right decisions for your business. Data is embedded for operational impact and ease. Be confident with high quality data transparency to make effective and efficient decisions easily. Maximize your value beyond meter-to-cash with the only system that can help you capture and understand your system time series, near-real time data, and anomalies.
Based on EnergyIP®

EnergyIP® Meter Data Management

Utilities can no longer have a passive approach. In today's world of prosumers, decentralized energy systems, new generation, and consumption patterns, utilities must actively create higher value for the connected consumer and explain the unknown benefits of staying connected to the grid so that the parties involved can benefit from all the advantages of the distribution grid that has begun to transform.


Learn how the largest and most complicated deployments have EnergyIP MDM at the core.  Discover the full potential of your data beyond meter-to-cash with add on applications such as Analytics Foundation, Revenue Protection, Integration Adaptors, Low Voltage Outage Management, Advanced Device Management, Energy Engage,  Prepay and Front End Processor. 


The Konstant success story

When Danish grid operator Konstant began to analyze its smart meter data more than just billing operations, they discovered a treasure trove of digitalized information. With the right set of analytical tools, the data is helping them optimize operations, improve maintenance and predict the loads on their power grid.


Virtual meters

EnergyIP MDM provides unprecedented low voltage network transparency into 125,000 meters



Case analysis effort reduced by three weeks each data review period due to EnergyIP Analytics Foundation

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EnergyIP Analytics provides visibility into transformers and electricity flow from customers to the electricity grid, helping manage 20% grow in distribution energy generation


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