Siemens Digital Grid - Expert Workshop Series

Expert Workshop Series

For substation automation and protection engineers

Tailored program for Substation Automation and Protection Engineers

The Expert's Workshop Series of Siemens Digital Grid offer deep dive looks at our best technology for substation automation and protection.  It's you chance to interact in virtual live sessions with our technical experts.


Ask questions, get answers. 


It's your chance to deepen your knowledge about current technology. With new insights, come new questions.  This is your chance to have them answered on the spot. 

Upcoming Sessions

Digitalization Concepts


• SIPROTEC Digital Twin: Learn how to comprehensively test your SIPROTEC 5 device with high efficiency, performance, security and availability 24/7 from everyone without additional hardware. 


•  Reyrolle 5: Get familiar with the characteristics and capabilities of the new Reyrolle5 equipment platform - including cyber security topics, learn how to configure and optimize the selection of protection relays according to the application requirements.


Power Quality & Energy Management 


Power quality: Basic concepts, types of interferences (voltage sag, transients, harmonics and voltage deviations) , energy management methods including applications and configuration of SICAM Q devices via Web Browser and PQ Advisor compact.


Substation Automation


Compact RTU SICAM A8000: Deep dive into the hardware architecture, applications and cyber security features of SICAM A8000 remote terminal units. 


Distribution Automation


• SICAM FSI / FPI/ FCM plus IoT:  Distribution and Feeder Monitoring – Overview of distribution networks, main challenges , monitoring strategies for network optimization and solutions for overhead lines and underground cables, including IoT (inclusive in the cloud)



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