Unlock the value of your distributed energy resources with Distributed Energy Optimization (DEOP)

Distributed Energy Optimization (DEOP)

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  • ...will be installed on average per year until 2029 (acc. to Guidehouse insights' research report DER Management Technologies, 2020)

Our software for distributed energy resources (DER)

Maximize the value of your distributed energy resources

Are you looking for a software to effectively manage your distributed energy resources? With Distributed Energy Optimization (DEOP) you benefit from our expert knowledge in the energy domain without having to master a complex energy management system. Gain a comprehensive overview of all your assets worldwide and get forecast and online optimization of your assets without having to invest in a complex software or additional manpower. Near real-time performance data helps you achieve increased transparency across facilities, as well as getting an edge up on potential problems and avoid downtime. Our intuitive and flexible software allows you to completely monitor, optimize and sell your the energy generation and consumption of your DER.

Improve performance, increase profitability

DEOP is a cloud based software helping Energy Service Companies (ESCO), Aggregators, Campuses & Real Estate, industrial players, Utilities and EPCs and IPPs to improve performance and increase profitability. Being a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, DEOP can be implemented effortlessly and fast at low entry cost. It has never been so easy to get an overall view of your energy production and consumption regardless of energy type!


Gain transparency and monitor your DER in an easy-to-use application with standard or customizable dashboards. Optimize on the costs of your assets, generate reports to document this optimization and generate revenue by participating in markets.


Everyone benefits from having all data in one place

A lot of data is generated in a network of distributed energy resources: energy and asset monitoring, information on faults or mal-operation, and data about historical power generation or consumption as well as forecasting. This means different roles with a different focus have to manually collect the data they need for their daily business tasks. They end up with different datasets or sometimes information even gets lost.

DEOP makes sure you have all data in one place. The software normalizes the datapoints so they all are available in the same structure. This means, sensor data - as well as data that is imported via APIs and other systems, is available in one "source of truth" for all users. The result: No matter the business task, the data source is always the same and always available. This saves time and money - and you can be sure that your business decisions rely on correct and reproducible data and reports.

Maximize your assets’ value with DEOP

When operating your own microgrid, you want to get transparency of your assets. Monitor their performance by collecting data in near real time and react flexibly for optimal asset utilization.

Improve your energy production and savings based on data and generate reports that document your success. DEOP analyzes your energy production, storage and consumption, allowing you to optimize your energy demand. Forecasting allows you to optimally plan and compare the predicted and actual energy production. Route cause analyses for longer-term deviations is included as well.

Depending on the performance of your grid, you may even be able to participate in energy markets, ancillary markets and demand response programs. Integrate your assets in aggregators' pools by using DEOP's flexible interfaces to maximize the revenue of your assets.

A flexible solution

Make it yours and integrate seamlessly with your own ecosystem

Often with SaaS-products you have to forgo certain amenities for the sake of standardization. Not with DEOP! Its interfaces and gateways help you integrate DEOP in your IT landscape and individualize the standard offering to your needs. Flexible interfaces and standard protocols connect your devices in the field. Based on the MQTT, the wide-spread IoT Protocoll, and gateways for protocols like IEC 60850-5-104, IEC 61850, Modbus TCP etc. so you can integrate all the assets you want to be covered by DEOP. Additionally, DEOP provides proven API integrations to Desigo CC & E-Car OC.


For integration in your existing IT systems, the software provides a set of API interfaces and file importers as well as exporters for exchange of bulk data.


The Rules engine lets you configure the rules from the user interface that may depend on the mode-scenario and are made up by triggers and actions. The Formula editor enables you to create formula templates and formulas depending on your individual needs. And there's even more individualization possible as you can run your own algorithms with gRPC or develop new algorithms and use the JavaScript plugin.

Interested in individualizing DEOP?

You would like to integrate DEOP into your IT landsape and individualize the offering to your needs. Share your needs with us so you can benefit from the flexibility of our software.


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