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Meet EnergyIP Distributed Energy Optimization

Improve decision-making with new insights

Meet your unique energy management challenges head-on with real-time performance data. With EnergyIP Distributed Energy Optimization (EnergyIP DEOP), you gain a comprehensive overview of all your facilities and assets – worldwide. Near real-time performance data helps you to achieve increased transparency across facilities, as well as get an edge up on potential problems and avoid downtime. An intuitive and flexible program, our system allows you to have complete oversight over your plant’s energy use – regardless of energy type.

Distributed energy optimization at its best

One central system

EnergyIP DEOP helps photovoltaic plants, wind parks, communication centers, campuses, and microgrids increase performance through optimization. By giving you a comprehensive view of your facilities, you’re able to benchmark your locations, react in real time with the support of near real-time data, and create an optimal schedule algorithm.


How is this possible? With the Energy of Things (EoT). Millions of meters and devices are connected to improve grid planning, operations, and maintenance. Interconnectivity establishes enhanced reliability and efficiency, reduces effort, improves investment planning, integrates conventional and renewable power, and improves grid reliability.

Solve problems - before they happen

Today’s operational requirements demand better situation analysis achieved through the sharing of knowledge and experience within your facility. By combining historical and real-time data, you can increase transparency, benchmark assets and locations, as well as apply advanced analytics to maximize your performance. Get an edge up on potential challenges by having real-time information when you need it most – in the moment.

Transparency and energy KPIs

Avoid multiple information sources and cumbersome, manual data collections. And avoid information loss. With EnergyIP DEOP, you can extract all of your data from one cloud application allowing for faster reporting and much more for energy managers, asset managers, O&M staff, and other user groups. Draw from a consistent set of data for benchmarking and decision-making. React immediately with real-time alarming and asset status.

DER forecasts and performance monitoring

Compare historical events with current forecasts for comprehensive insights that lead to better decision-making. Improve scheduling, implement predictive maintenance, and forecast energy purchases. EnergyIP DEOP allows you to apply forecast algorithms for power plants. Gain a comprehensive overview for improved forecasting and performance monitoring.

Microgrid optimization

Improve energy production, while reducing CO2. With EnergyIP DEOP, you can optimize your assets with rule-based load management. Prioritize self-consumption (load + battery + photovoltaic). Achieve optimal scheduling based on each unit’s constraints and costs. And rectify errors faster for minimal downtime.


offers a comprehensive set of powerful applications based on an energy industry data model which delivers full support of domain-specific processes and complex use cases viable far into the future. EnergyIP applications can process data from millions of distributed grid assets and smart devices almost in real time, powering new approaches for grid optimization, distributed energy resource management, asset management, real customer interaction and energy market participation. With EnergyIP you can benefit from easy and secure IoT connectivity for your grid assets via standard communication protocol interfaces. Moreover you can gain additional high value from the wealth of data accumulated in the Internet of Things with various state-of-the-art  Analytics applications. 

EnergyIP Applications – “Powered by MindSphere”

Do you want to reduce capital expenditures (CAPEX) and optimize operating expenses (OPEX)? Do you need rapid time-to-market?  That’s why EnergyIP applications are also available as Software as a Service – powered by MindSphere, Siemens’ own open, cloud-based IoT operating system. Attractive pay-per-use models, rapid deployment combined with reduced risk, and improved security delivers outstanding business value.


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