Smart eMobility Operation – E-Car Operation Center

(source: International Energy Agency (IEA) - Global EV Outlook 2018)

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  • public charging points will be installed worldwide by 2030 (source: International Energy Agency (IEA) - Global EV Outlook 2018)

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Smart technologies shaping the future of cities

Considering the important role of e-mobility within urban spaces, the infrastructure for electric mobility must satisfy the requirements of the grid, but also meet the needs of all the people operating in a modern Smart City. Drivers must be sure that they will be able to recharge their vehicles anywhere, and payment for electricity must be uniform across all distribution points. This infrastructure requires management by an E-Car Operation Center, the brain of e-mobility.

Reduce mobility CO2 footprint - a complete and interconnected eMobility infrastructure solution

The E-Car Operation Center: one central system


The main functional modules are:


  • managing the charging stations,
  • managing customer’s contracts,
  • managing the recharges in a smart way, according to the power grid status or to the real time price of energy,
  •  roaming and clearing.

The system is open and interconnected to the rest of the world, thus enabling integration with third party systems or roaming platforms generally available in the market. The system is cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS). Web portal and smartphone applications for end users are available: users can see the real time status of charging units, book charging stations, control the recharge details history and the status of their contracts and RFID cards.

Better operations – better utilization – better business 

A single system can manage multiple companies (municipalities, smart cities/communities, parking garage owners/operators, as well as any other companies or enterprises) and a variety of charging infrastructures (highway charging/ public charging/points of interest/ Fleets/ depots incl. buses). This capacity permits a holistic view on the e-mobility ecosystem. Siemens E-Car Operation Center has a “multi-tenancy capability”. In practice, just one system can offer operation center services to multiple clients entering the electric mobility market, thus reducing running and delivery costs and offering specific features for all stakeholders involved in the electromobility world.

Optimized public charging

  • Various charging pole types included
  • Access to the charging network is maximized thanks to several contract/payment possibilities: pay per use, flat rate, pay in advance through RFID cards, direct payment with credit cards and PayPal 
  • Visualization of all different charging types in a standardized way
  • E-Car Web portal and E-Car App to promote the charging service towards drivers

Optimized fleet management

  • Possibility to share the availability of vehicles
  • Possibility to share the availability of charging stations to park and recharge thanks to real-time info given by E-Car OC and E-Car APP
  • Optimized usage of e-vehicles therefore reduction of energy costs and reduction of CO2
  • Satisfied e-drivers therefore high repetition of use and recommendation to other e-drivers
  • Optimized usage of investment into fleet

Get the best for your e-vehicle depot

  • Special tariffs e.g. to maximize revenue by pushing e-charging when energy price is lower
  • E-vehicle recharging and management: possibility to manage recharging according to energy availability (overnight charging or fast charging), energy price, vehicle service priority etc.
  • Load management with advanced functionalities (load curve) to avoid grid overload
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