Energy Efficiency Analytics

Optimize your energy use through Siemens’ Energy Efficiency Analytics (EEA) cloud-based solution for big data collection, processing, and analytics. Reduce CO2 emissions, boost operations, and strategically approach complex tariffs – regardless of industry.
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EEA will help you improve your business

Siemens takes your business seriously. We know that each industry and each company faces their own challenges. And that also holds true for energy efficiency. Blueprint software and solutions will provide blueprint outcomes. But what’s next? We want to accompany you along your personal energy efficiency journey – no matter where you stand at the moment – and help you find and lift those additional savings hidden in your business. And we know they are there! That’s why Energy Efficiency Analytics (EEA) is a flexible service tailored to your individual needs in the space of energy efficiency, regardless of your company’s size, industry and regulatory environment.

Learn how you can improve

With EEA’s bottom-up approach of gaining enhanced visibility into energy consumption at high frequency on asset level, let your big data and our analytics and subject matter expertise do the work for you. And that’s where energy efficiency meets asset and maintenance efficiency to optimize on the full picture:

  • Realize additional monetary and CO2 savings through reduced energy and maintenance costs,
  • Increase your process performance through benchmarking and continuous optimization
  • Monetize and certify your reduced CO2 footprint through continuous monitoring with ISO 50001 certified tool

Financing and other innovative business models? No problem. We’ll find the right solution that best matches your current business needs.

Let your data do the lifting – Benefits at a glance

We see energy consumption as an additional process variable that will tell us a lot about how to improve your bottom line. Once you realize how much energy you consume where, how and when it’s exactly used for what, our algorithms, you and us will find ways to optimize, on top of any efforts you have already put into increasing energy efficiency. We have not had a single customer where we weren’t able to leverage additional savings.


Get your personal energy efficiency journey boosted

Getting your EEA experience kick-started is simple, and we’ll be with you along the entire journey.

Others have done it – Taking advantage of additional saving opportunities

Our customers operate in various industrial areas, from discrete to continuous process environments, and infrastructure. Also, they have taken advantage of our Energy Efficiency Analytics approach from very different points in their personal energy efficiency journey. In all cases we have been able to find additional savings and benefits, even if the previous efforts in the space of energy efficiency had already been quite significant.
Example analysis areas

How EEA identifies additional savings

Many analyses become possible with EEA’s bottom-up approach of gaining enhanced visibility into energy consumption at high frequency on asset level. EEA currently works with 14 so-called analysis areas that make use of statistical analysis, big data analytics and artificial intelligence engines. These analysis areas are applied to your specific business to identify additional savings and improvement opportunities. Find out about three of them in our videos below.

Increase sampling, increase transparency

Resolution matters. Consumption patterns offer a wealth of information about your machine’s performance and the accuracy of its settings. When you couple resolution and transparency with frequent samples, your visibility is increased. This is critical to ensure smooth operations that can be translated into fewer failures and a longer life.

Result: Detection of misbehaviors and increased visibility.

Negotiate better contracts

Be informed before selecting your type of energy tariff or negotiating power-consumption contracts. Choose your level of contracted power based on your acutal needs. Optimize your energy contracts to save (potentially) thousands of euros on monthly bills — effortlessly.

Result: Savings of more than 20k€ per year in penalties.  

Make cost-effective decisions

The cloud advantage means being able to benchmark your facilities worldwide and compare vendors – easily and efficiently. Your equipments’ energy consumption behaviors factor into the selection process of vendors for new projects. Gain the needed transparency to plan for new investments and make cost-effective choices.

Result: 40% decrease in energy consumption due to high-resolution data.


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