Optimizing energy with big data

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  • data points per hour offer a clear picture of your energy use

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Introducing EnergyIP Energy Efficiency Analytics (EEA)

Discover optimization opportunities

Optimize your energy use through Siemens’ EnergyIP Energy Efficiency Analytics (EEA) cloud-based solution for big data collection, processing, and analytics. Reduce CO2 emissions, boost operations, and strategically approach complex tariffs – regardless of industry.

Monitor. Analyze. Optimize.

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Siemens takes your business seriously. We know that each industry, each company, faces their own challenges. That’s why we develop solutions that work for the individual user’s needs, regardless of size or industry. The outcome? An energy-efficiency application to help you better understand your consumption behaviors, while leveraging opportunities to increase energy efficiency.

Let your big data work for you, in real time, with our cloud-based solution. Benchmark not only against your vendors, but between your own facilities. Take advantage of high frequency sampling combined with easy web access to study and analyze your energy use. As part of a cloud-based solution, there are no new licenses and software updates.

Monitor your big data. Analyze your energy use. Optimize your business.

Financing? No problem. With Siemens Financial Services, there’s no CAPEX. Just a monthly fee you can pay with your energy-reduction savings.

Use cases: Let your data do the lifting

Energy consumption is the key to savings and increased efficiency. Once you realize how much energy you consume and how it’s used, you can find ways to optimize. Our modular and cost-effective cloud-based solution enables you to capture big data for monitoring and analysis. Making it easier for you to recognize energy-use patterns and discover new behavior patterns.

Increase sampling, increase transparency

Resolution matters. Consumption patterns offer a wealth of information about your machine’s performance and the accuracy of its settings. When you couple resolution and transparency with frequent samples, your visibility is increased. This is critical to ensure smooth operations that can be translated into fewer failures and a longer life.

Result: Detection of misbehaviors and increased visibility

Know where to invest

Immediately see the outcome of your investments. For example, two lighting circuits before and after fixture replacement and advanced controls implementation via EnergyIP EEA. After realizing the cost-savings and improved light quality through this simple measure, the rest of the plant followed suit.

Result: Up to 60% savings and higher light quality

Negotiate better contracts

Be informed before selecting your type of energy tariff or negotiating power-consumption contracts. Choose your level of contracted power based on your acutal needs. Optimize your energy contracts to save (potentially) thousands of euros on monthly bills — effortlessly.

Result: Savings of more than 20k€ per year in penalties  

Make cost-effective decisions

The cloud advantage means being able to benchmark your facilities worldwide and compare vendors – easily and efficiently. Your equipments’ energy consumption behaviors factor into the selection process of vendors for new projects. Gain the needed transparency to plan for new investments and make cost-effective choices.

Result: 40% decrease in energy consumption due to high-resolution data


offers a comprehensive set of powerful applications based on an energy industry data model which delivers full support of domain-specific processes and complex use cases viable far into the future. EnergyIP applications can process data from millions of distributed grid assets and smart devices almost in real time, powering new approaches for grid optimization, distributed energy resource management, asset management, real customer interaction and energy market participation. With EnergyIP you can benefit from easy and secure IoT connectivity for your grid assets via standard communication protocol interfaces. Moreover you can gain additional high value from the wealth of data accumulated in the Internet of Things with various state-of-the-art  Analytics applications. 

EnergyIP Applications – “Powered by MindSphere”

Do you want to reduce capital expenditures (CAPEX) and optimize operating expenses (OPEX)? Do you need rapid time-to-market?  That’s why EnergyIP applications are also available as Software as a Service – powered by MindSphere, Siemens’ own open, cloud-based IoT operating system. Attractive pay-per-use models, rapid deployment combined with reduced risk, and improved security delivers outstanding business value.


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Find out how you can save with EEA

Learn more about EnergyIP EEA, as well as Gestamp’s success with energy optimization.

The Gestamp success story

Siemens’cloud-based, energy-efficiency platform offers a unique value proposition: Collecting big data, in real time, to help your company better understand its joint energy use. See how Gestamp Automociòn SL uses big data to streamline operations and conserve on energy. 

Since implementing Siemens’ Energy Efficiency Analytics, Gestamp discovered several ways to optimize

2 M Euro

saved in energy bills

3 %

energy reduction


initiatives to increase efficiency


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