Manage energy optimally with Spectrum Power™ ANM

The entire energy system is in motion. The increasingly distributed supply of power from renewable energy sources presents special challenges. Fluctuations in the feed-in power frequently create critical situations, so that either the available potential cannot be used or disturbances and power grid overloading occur. Uncontrolled reversal of the load flow can also impair and damage the grid. Smart grids manage the energy demand in today's intelligent power grids and support the integration of renewable energy. With Spectrum Power™ Active Network Management (ANM), Siemens offers a reliable solution for stable smart grid operation.

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Newly developed ANM functionality to optimize flexible power for distribution system operators

At the end of the SINTEG/enera grant-aided project, the new ANM functionality is available after an intensive research and test phase. The key aspect is the use of flexible energy and optimized feed-in management for a smart mitigation of congestions in distribution networks. Thanks to the new developed applications Siemens’ ANM is optimally suitable to implement the BDEW’s (German Association of Energy and Water Industries) traffic light concept for distribution system operators.

An intelligent software platform

High efficiency and reliable supply

Voltage range infringements, overload situations, and imbalance between power generation and consumption – Siemens has developed Spectrum Power™ Active Network Management (ANM) for the power grids of the future in order to meet these and other challenges. Spectrum Power™ Active Network Management (ANM) is an intelligent solution for managing smart grids. Smart grid solutions from Siemens already play a crucial role in the energy management of the future. With new technologies and services, they help to build more and more efficient grid architectures for intelligent power generation and distribution. 

Risks for the power grid

Voltage range infringements occur when a constantly changing imbalance between the infeed and consumption arises due to fluctuating infeed.

A reversal of the load flow occurs when the unidirectional load flow is changed due to infeed from renewable sources, whereby areas of the distribution grid fail to draw current and instead feed it into upstream grids. In the event of a malfunction, this can damage the grid as well as plant components.

High grid stability, solid peak load management, reliable voltage regulation

Spectrum Power™ Active Network Management (ANM) helps to balance out fluctuating generation capacities in favor of a reliable power supply – especially when the share of renewable energy in your energy portfolio increases. The industry-leading Siemens Spectrum Power control system solutions play a crucial role in helping ensure efficient and stable operation of your distribution grid. The control systems earn high marks with their open system architecture, international standards, and a wide variety of applications. Spectrum Power™ Active Network Management (ANM) – for intelligent energy management of the future. With a broad range of analysis and evaluation functions, Spectrum Power™ Active Network Management (ANM) delivers reliable voltage regulation and helps avoid expensive overload situations. Spectrum Power™ Active Network Management (ANM) also reliably informs you of the load flow direction and supplies up-to-date load values. Spectrum Power™ Active Network Management (ANM) is the solution for the stable and efficient operation of your distribution grid.

One system, many functions – for a stable distribution grid

Spectrum Power™ Active Network Management (ANM) provides many different functionalities for avoiding voltage range infringements and grid overloads. Integrated analysis and archiving functions support reporting for meaningful short-term and long-term views; Spectrum Power™ Active Network Management (ANM) also lets you automatically evaluate and compare results.

Spectrum Power™ Active Network Management (ANM) monitors a large number of grid assets – from transformer tap changers and capacitor banks to controllable loads and generators, including battery storage. 

Spectrum Power™ Active Network Management (ANM) helps minimize power losses in the distribution grid by monitoring the voltage profile and systematically regulating voltage, active power, and reactive power. The real-time monitoring of the grid topology, measured values, and estimated values reduce the risk for distribution grid outages. Load balancing information delivered in a timely fashion protects distribution grids against malfunctions and blackouts.

Spectrum Power™ Active Network Management (ANM) provides intuitive operation to assist you in all your decisions – for automated or manual operation.

The benefits of Spectrum Power™ Active Network Management (ANM) at a glance

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The solution for timely energy management

The increasing integration of renewable energy into the power supply presents enormous challenges. Voltage range infringements, overload situations, and capacity imbalances require not only new planning guidelines for conventional grid expansion but also a reliable solution for safe control of capacity utilization. With Spectrum Power™ Active Network Management (ANM), Siemens has developed an innovative energy management platform – secure, future-oriented, and compatible.