Advanced Distribution Management with Spectrum Power – Restore outages faster than ever before

Advanced Distribution Management with Spectrum Power

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  • Shorter outage duration

  • Avoid unplanned outages and react quickly and efficiently to disturbances or potential problems. Satisfy regulatory mandates and improve customer satisfaction with real-time information and fast outage restoration.

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Siemens technology – the key to protecting your investment

  • Decades of global domain know-how
  • Experience gained from over 1,300 Spectrum Power control centers in operation
Introducing Spectrum Power for the advanced operation of MV and LV grids

Managing Evolving Complexity on the Electric Distribution Network

As the grid system becomes increasingly complex due to the integration of distributed energy resources and storage, these challenges are presenting opportunities to rethink the world of power distribution management. When integrated into the distribution grid, smart meters, demand response, and distributed storage and generation – in combination with increased grid automation – are inundating utility systems with data that needs to be intelligently managed and leveraged for effective distribution grid operation. At the same time, utilities are facing growing regulatory and customer pressure to maximize grid efficiency and provide reliable service at all times.

To enable utilities to master these current and future challenges, Siemens has entered the next era of power control systems: the Spectrum Power™ Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS). It integrates distribution SCADA, outage management, and advanced fault and network analysis – all operated in a Common User Environment – to gain maximum benefit from smart meter information and provide a solid foundation for the management of tomorrow’s grid today.


Spectrum Power ADMS is built on one comprehensive, integrated platform with applications servicing all voltage levels from HV down to LV


  • Integrated DER management; monitoring, forecasting, optimization and control for the secure integration of distributed generation
  • Integrated Outage and Mobile Outage Management/ Prediction from SCADA events, smart meters & customer calls
  • Full support of balanced / unbalanced networks in single- and three-phase distribution networks
  • Seamless IT integration and easy extension in response to regulatory changes
  • In-depth situation awareness with 2D/3D visualization
  • Modern user interaction, with maximum focus on usability and functionality
Spectrum Power HUD

High situational awareness with the innovative Spectrum Power HUD (heads-up display)

  • Information where you need it and when you need it
  • Modern user interaction, with maximum focus on usability and functionality
Spectrum Power ADMS provides outstanding benefits

Spectrum Power™ ADMS sets the benchmark in openness, flexibility, scalability, and advanced applications

The Spectrum Power ADMS solution integrates seamlessly and easily in the enterprise IT landscape to fully support a utility’s business processes whether it is SOA, CIM compatibility, standardized processes, or interface and messaging specifications based on IEC standards. This standards-based approach provides a high degree of interoperability, such as between the ADMS and other systems across the enterprise including broad productized integration not only with Meter Data Management systems, but also with Microgrids, DER, Demand Response implementations, and all types of business applications.

Increasing the operator’s situation awareness

and reducing the operator’s reaction time with its geospatial/schematic user interface and integrated substation/feeder auto-displays:

  • Distribution SCADA (D-SCADA) to enable the integration of substation/feeder automation
  • Distribution State Estimation (DNA/DSSE) to determine the real-time state of the network

Reducing network loading at peak times and increasing asset utilization

  • Optimal Voltage/VAr Control (DNA/VVC) to enable voltage reduction, integrating the possible use of distributed generation
  • Optimal Feeder Reconfiguration (DNA/OFR) to enable removal/reduction of (active/foreseen) overload, integrating the possible use of distributed generation and demand response.

Reducing fault location and service interruption time

  • Outage Prediction
  • Trouble Call Management (TCM)
  • Crew Management (CM) with Auto-Crew Dispatch (ACD)
  • Storm Management
  • Mobile Support
  • Outage Prediction integrated with Smart Metering (MDM/AMI)
  • Automated Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration (FLOC and FISR).

Increasing operational efficiency

  • Workspace Management, Test Mode and integrated tools under a common user environment to automate the user’s workflow
  • Performance and sizing capabilities to enable LV modeling integration
  • Integration with condition monitoring for asset usage reporting and asset secure state
  • Distribution Operator Training Simulator (D-OTS) replicates real-life power system scenarios to train operators to handle emergencies in a non-critical environment.

Increasing network efficiency and reliability of supply

  • Optimal Voltage/VAr Control (DNA/VVC) to enable features such as loss reduction and improved voltage profiles, integrating the possible use of distributed generation
  • Optimal Feeder Reconfiguration (DNA/OFR) to enable load balancing, etc.
  • Short Term Load Scheduler (STLS) to enable operational planning with the above functions

Increasing business process integration

  • SOA framework to enable CIM-based SOA integration with other systems (e.g. CIS, WMS, AMI, IVR, MDM, Demand Response and others)
  • GIS Data Import Management (GDIM): GIS smart integration to enable GIS as distribution network definition source master.
  • Interface to PSS®SINCAL provides distribution engineers with the simulation tools they need for the planning, design, and operation of power distribution networks.
Staying ahead of the curve

You are looking for high cost efficiency and utmost security? Spectrum Power ADMS is the answer.

Find out more about how Spectrum Power ADMS helps you master the challenges of changing energy systems

Increased operational efficiency with SCADA

Thanks to its leading SCADA functionality, Spectrum Power™ ADMS provides everything you need for monitoring, alarming, measuring, calculating, or controlling power systems.

Extended SCADA functions within the Spectrum Power™ ADMS system are improved by advanced topologic coloring and extended tracing, including for outages and trouble calls (single-phase and three-phase distribution networks); online-editable Temporary Network Elements; easy Switching Procedure Management; and flexible Load Shedding. This gives you a complete overview of and control over your network.

Reduce network loading at peak times and increase network efficiency and reliability

Spectrum Power™ ADMS provides the tools you need to analyze the complete network and optimally use its assets. It encompasses an application suite – Distribution Network Applications (DNA) – that includes automated Fault Analysis, Network Analysis, and Load Forecast. These applications are used in real time to support the operator in assessing the state of the entire network, in improving the normal operation of the network through control optimization, and in resolving abnormal network conditions such as network faults or limit violations. As an added benefit, these applications can also be used in study mode to support the operator in planning network reconfigurations for minimizing possible service interruption time and to evaluate alternative corrective or preventive strategies.

Proactively and safely guide operators when needed most, for instance during storms and outage restoration activities

To reduce fault location and service interruption time, Spectrum Power™ ADMS outage management provides a number of functionalities: merging outage information from all available sources; identifying the nature of the outages, including fault locations and affected customers; dispatching crews to restore service and make appropriate repairs; and developing all necessary switching procedures.

It includes trouble call management, crew management, and customer notification functions. Comprehensive outage/work analysis and switching order capability work with various other functionalities to process trouble calls, verify the fault, and automatically calculate the Estimated Time to Restore (ETR). A sophisticated storm mode that can process large numbers of trouble calls from customers and smart meters is also integrated and helps guide the operator during optimized restoration activities.

Mobile OM supports the dispatch of work orders, optimizes the workflow, helps execute switching procedures and provides the means for efficient mobile damage assessment. Field crews can easily exchange text messages or files with the control room to ensure increased visibility and quick response times.

Leverage the value of smart meter data for more transparency on the LV grid

Benefiting from the Siemens integrated platform approach for grid control and grid applications, Spectrum Power can acquire valuable information from grid edge devices, such as smart meters.

  • Enable proactive customer interaction by identifying network problems before customers call
  • Faster outage detection and restoration time - maximize the automated outage identification and geographic localization at MV/LV
  • Improve quality of service and reliable resupply


High grid stability, solid peak load management, reliable voltage regulation

Processes in distribution grids must be made visible at all times in order to reliably assess their status and take efficient countermeasures before critical situations arise.


Spectrum Power™ ADMS is a smart solution for distribution grids that supports a wide range of grid assets and provides secure control of capacitor banks, loads, generators, and battery storage. Spectrum Power ADMS

  • Supports operators in detecting network volatility early enough to react in time
  • Provides comprehensive information for making decisions to avoid problems such as voltage violations and overloads
  • Provides generic on-line optimization that can be easily extended to cover additional network areas and controllable resources
  • Reduces costs by helping avoid expensive network extensions and optimally operating the existing network


Spectrum Power ADMS

Actively helps grid operators manage, orchestrate and optimize distribution systems, fosters the grid integration of renewables and electromobility, and boosts efficiencies, all while maintaining a stable and reliable power supply.

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