Advanced Transmission Management with Spectrum Power - Strengthen the stability in your transmission grid 

Transmission Management with Spectrum Power Advanced 

  • Blackouts with Spectrum Power

  • Constantly monitoring the stability of your grid and providing mitigation measures

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Introducing Spectrum Power for High Voltage grid operation

Open and scalable to meet your future transmission grid operation needs

The operation of power transmission systems has never been more demanding. Many new stakeholders, new sources of energy, fluctuating demand, and new regulations need to be considered, while the grids need to be able to react to an increasing degree of volatility. The application of more digitally driven solutions helps ensure stable grid operation under these new conditions.

Siemens helps you to ensure an efficient and reliable power supply with a focus on long-distance transmission, the grid integration of renewables, and strengthened grid stability.

With Spectrum Power you can take advantage of

  • Ready-to-implement measures to prevent or remedy dangerous situations
  • Reliable supply, cost efficient use of generation resources and reduced transmission losses
  • Modeling the grid as part of a wider interconnected transmission grid and more reliable transmission forecast functionality
  • Reduced risk of blackouts with SIGUARD® PDP, and SIGUARD® DSA. These provide current and anticipatory monitoring of power system stability and support in evaluation of preventive measures

Moreover, in response to the increased use of wind energy, the Spectrum Power Short Term Wind Power Flow STWPF package allows for power generation forecasts and provides valuable input to load flow congestion management. 

As a leading supplier of transmission management solutions  Siemens has years of experience and thus proven success in networks of every conceivable size and complexity.

With its fast and secure innovation cycles, Spectrum Power is constantly up to date with new standards and market needs.

Automatic analysis and notification along with operator study capability

offer outstanding transparency for operators

  • Switching Security Check 
  • Look-ahead grid forecast
  • Margins to operating limits 
  • Impact of renewable generation uncertainty 
  • Real-time application alarms 
  • Real-time application status
  • Real-time application solution statistics 

Spectrum Power responds to insecure conditions and prepares plans for potential problems

Take advantage of reliable mitigation plans

  • Get quick recommendations for eliminating limit violations 
  • Initiate Operator Quick Study
  • Approve or re-schedule planned outage schedules for the next day
  • Develop secure plans for next day operation including mitigation plans for potential post-contingency limit violations

Improve system performance and lower costs

Spectrum Power is outstanding in

  • Providing possible control changes to meet system objectives in an optimized fashion
  • Analyzing the impact of transmission system changes such as generation patterns, load, and topology
  • Evaluating network model changes prior to model deployment
  • Studying  past events
  • Tuning the network model and applications for improved results

Prevent a blackout before it happens

Power system stability is becoming increasingly important for today’s system operation; stability limits are often reached far earlier than thermal or rated limits. The Voltage Stability Analysis (VSA) application provides an online tool to identify voltage stability problems. VSA can be used in conjunction with static voltage or thermal security analysis to provide a more complete picture of system security by determining how close the system is to voltage collapse. An even more comprehensive stability analysis extending to transient stability and small signal stability is enabled by the integration of SIGUARD® DSA – an automatic and intelligent real-time dynamic security assessment tool for the calculation of the stability margin and the validation of remedial action. This contingency study runs in automatic cycles and is always based on the most recent snapshot from the State Estimator application. 

Safe integration of increasing renewable generation

Due to its immanent dynamics the power system under the presence of large-scale renewable power generation cannot be run reliably just based on operator experience. The transmission grid operator rather needs a sophisticated application package directly in the control room for managing these challenges during every day operation:

The Spectrum Power Wind Power Forecast application capitalizes on the experience of Red Electrica de Espana (REE) - a TSO that manages one of the world’s largest shares of wind power generation - and forecasts the yield from wind plants based on meteorological and turbine availability data.

Renewable generation forecasts change as rapidly as the weather changes and so do power flows, grid loadings and potential violations of operational limits in the future. The capability to look forward into the near term operational timeframe for potential problems becomes crucial. The Transmission Analysis Forecast feature of Spectrum Power allows for analysis of the transmission system reliability by executing Power Flow and Contingency Analysis automatically for multiple time intervals in the near-term operation time horizon. Up to 24 intervals can be utilized with interval step sizes of 15 minutes or one hour. Potential transmission system limit violations are reported for each time period.

Renewable generation tends to be located far away from the system load centers leading to unusually high transmission line loadings with the potential consequence of severe threats on system stability. Therefore, extending traditional power system analysis to transient stability simulations is a mandatory step: SIGUARD® DSA (Dynamic Security Assessment) performs time domain simulations for given sets of contingencies in real-time, offers a very simple and catchy visualization of the results, and provides recommendations for operators. 

Keep an eye on generation

Stable system frequency is essential for reliable power system operation; keeping power interchanges with neighbors at scheduled values contributes to the economy of power supply.

Both tasks remain to be core tasks of the Transmission System Operator (TSO) addressed by Automatic Generation Control (AGC). Power systems tend to become more and more integrated requiring the AGC response to be well coordinated with neighboring TSOs and meet agreed quality criteria.

Available primary, secondary, and tertiary reserve levels must meet specified requirements for ensuring adequate reliability of supply – an increasingly challenging task e.g. due to the increasing amount of renewable  generation. Last but not least, all this has to be provided at minimum cost.

The solution 
Spectrum Power is your constant eye on generation. It features a host of functions to perfectly meet your needs for generation control:

  • Load Frequency Control with field-proven control algorithms yielding smooth system trajectories whenever possible and aggressive responses when need arises
  • Automatic reserve activation based on Merit Order Lists (price bids in liberalized energy markets) or based on generation cost curves (traditional integrated utility)
  • Reserve Monitor for online monitoring of available reserve and alarming of insufficiencies
  • Production Cost Monitor for online comparison of actual generation cost against optimal cost returned by Target Economic Dispatch with alarming in case of excessive deviations
  • Provision of reports documenting the adequacy of system control with agreed quality criteria

The benefits 

  • Stable system frequency and power system interchange as scheduled
  • Continuous monitoring of the quality of control
  • Fine-tuning of system reserves maintaining required supply reliability while minimizing system operation cost and standby/provision costs
  • Real-time feedback on whether the system is operating close enough to economic optimum

Increase your transmission reliability

The ever increasing amount of cross-border energy flows increases the need for closer cooperation of TSOs including the need for more frequent exchange of larger amounts of data. In this context, ENTSO-E has developed the Common Grid Model Exchange Specification (CGMES) as an IEC technical specification based on the IEC Common Information Model (CIM) family of standards.

The solution

  • Definition of the number of data sets to be exported (starting point & time interval length), reference grid status (e.g. State Estimator solution) and forecast data sources (conventional generation, renewable input, system interchange, load, outage planning, etc.)
  • Load flow calculation, plausibility check and (automated) export (e.g. in CGMES format)
  • Import and automatic merge of real-time/forecast data sets from neighboring TSO (e.g. in CGMES format) for single or multiple time instances
  • Embedded calculation of network equivalents representing the own grid (export) or representing far neighboring grids (import) 

The benefits

  • Conformity with ENTSO-E CGMES v2.4.15
  • Integrated provision/processing of grid datasets in the course of ENTSO-E's DACF, IDCF, and D2CF processes
  • Ability for common grid analysis studies using shared data on a pan-European level, on a regional level, or between TSOs and DSOs – all with the goal of improved operational grid security

* ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators

Control Center of the future

Research and scientific partners in Germany cooperated in the DynaGridCenter research project. The goal was to develop advanced assistant systems for automated grid control and outage prevention.
As main part of the project, a dynamic grid control center, based on Siemens Spectrum Power was installed at the Technical University of Ilmenau. Newly developed dynamic applications are integrated as assistant systems for e.g. “Dynamic Security Assessment”, “Adaptive Protection Settings” and “PMU Data Streaming Analytics.

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