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Whitepaper: EV opportunities for energy companies and CPOs

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The EV opportunity for energy companies and Charge Point Operators

The popularity of eletric vehicles (EV) is growing - thanks to governments that make decarbonization a priority. Energy companies that diversify to become Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) and / or Charge Point Operators (CPOs) can access a substational new revenue stream into a growing market.

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Success Story

A trailblazer in eMobility infrastructure

Find out how a joint venture in Northern Italy set up an EV charging infrastructure from scratch: Since their business started in 2015, they scaled and now operate a network of 500 charging stations - offering their customers access to 250.000 more charging units thanks to roaming.
A recent report, the Smart Mobility Report 2020 of the Politecnico di Milano, highlighted that, thanks to the contribution of Neogy, the Trentino-South Tyrole region is at the forefront in Italy and among the first in Europe in the field of electric mobility. We have focused on the environmental sustainability of the project and on reliability, scalability and efficiency of the entire system. Objective achieved also thanks to the close and precious collaboration with Siemens.
Sergio Marchiori, CEO Neogy
Find out how Neogy became a trailblazer in EV charging - powered by E-Car OC X

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The EV opportunity for energy companies & charge point operators

Our whitepaper reflects on the drivers for eMobility and their role in the clean energy transition. Moreover, we look in detail on the development and opportunities in countries like Germany, the UK, Italy and Austria. Learn what's to consider to seize the EV oppourtunity as an Energy Retail company or a Charge Point Operator (CPO).

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Did you know that if every vehicle were to run on electricity sources from renewables, we could save 6 gigatons of CO2? In our Whitepaper you learn about

  • the evolution of electric vehicles incl. the impact of Covid-19
  • general conditions that have an impact on the EV market
  • the role of EVs in the clean energy transition
  • how the current developments open up new business opportunities

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