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Reducing energy cost with no risk has never been easier and faster.

Optimize your compressors' operations with Energy Efficiency Analytics (EEA)

Did you know that you can save up to 25% of your compressors’ energy consumption quickly, with minimal effort and without touching the production process? Siemens’ EEA finds additional saving potential that most of our clients had never even thought of before. After analyzing your assets’ use with the help of AI, the resulting recommendations let you benefit from additional saving potential without having to install and operate additional software. 

Customers are already taking benefit from EEA

Here is how other companies already benefit from EEA:


·       Quick analysis of your system within minutes

·       Swift and easy implementation

·       Minimal one-time investment

·       No interference with production, no production stop


Saving up to 25% of their energy bill and reducing carbon emissions by 3.5 tons per hour!

Too good to be true? Just watch how Gestamp benefits from Siemens’ EEA solution.

Energy Efficiency Analytics in three steps

EEA Webinar

Please be welcome to join our webinars which will enable you to identify and utilize the full potential of EEA, starting with essentials of EEA up to concrete use cases, implementation examples and general advice. 

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