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Cloud-based apps and services for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) 

Cloud technology is revolutionizing the way distribution and retail utilities benefit from end-to-end smart meter deployment, operations, data collection, analytics, customer engagement and more. However, for many, it is not as simple as moving processes and capacity into the cloud. This involves new operational processes, security challenges, and additional IT resources.                                                                                                                                                                            Siemens cloud-hosted applications (SaaS) and services combine years of industry expertise, scalable platforms, proven IT infrastructures, and established business models to support quick, accurate, secure implementation, and continuous customer success. With a focus on our customers, the cloud-based offerings are easily adjustable and scalable at any time - from cloud-hosted applications (SaaS) all the way to meter-to-cash as a Service 

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Utility Cloud

Article: How the Cloud is Revolutionizing Utilities

In a digital revolution over the last decade more and more utilities, both distribution and retail are embracing cloud-based infrastructure and flexible service offerings. Learn how utilities are using this model to transform how they operate their business and manage their data at greater speed. 

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From implementing a cloud solution, to shifting business models – introducing new processes and tools can be complex. With Siemens Managed Applications and Services, customers can ease into change with faster implementation times, guaranteed support, value added security, and built-in success.
Utilities are challenged by many things like IT resource shortage, CAPEX spending that is limited, cyber security challenges, and the answer in my view to many of these topics is the use of cloud-based services for utilities. 
Dr. Dirk Lumma, Head of Software Products for Grid Control & Grid Applications
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With over 80 million meters under management

Benefit from trusted services and a proven platform – marked as the leader in the Meter Data Management.

Built upon the leading EnergyIP IoT platform and it's applications

Siemens Managed Applications and Services offers customers a cloud-based reliable, secure and cost-effective alternative to a traditional on-premise smart metering solution. By leveraging the proven platform, customers can benefit from multiple applications including MDM, Analytics, and Prepay.

  • Meter data validation, estimation, and editing to ensure accurate on-time billing for customers
  • Increased data accuracy & reduction in costs caused by inaccurate data
  • Reduction of consumer debtor days and improved cash flows
  • Improved customer experience through prepayment and data visualization services
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Managed Applications and Services Portfolio

Siemens will handle complexity, while utilities leverage the power of proven applications and services to optimize and differentiate their business.

Applications available in a secure, cloud-hosted environment

Additional services to further unlock the value of your data


Transforming utilities around the world.

Learn how utilities, both distribution and retail globally are embracing cloud-based infrastructure and flexible service offerings to transform how they operate their business and manage their data at greater speed.

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In this new digital world, data is at the heart of everything. With Siemens Managed Applications (SaaS) and Services, utilities can not only leverage reliable, secure, and accurate operation but also focus on their core priorities. Contact us to learn more about how you can get started with a simple MDM SaaS solution.  

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