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Take advantage of the opportunities the energy transition gives you on a local level – just like we have at our top R&D facility and living lab in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. Let’s talk microgrids!

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As the energy sector races to meet the deadlines of the Paris Agreement, Europe is currently facing an energy crisis. Power utilities everywhere are looking for the best strategic approach to speeding up their energy transition. To meet the transition, silos must be broken, because sustainability and grid stability are not contradictory, but go hand in hand – through digitalization. Let’s meet from November 29 to December 1, 2022 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, booth 12.1.C10 and discuss where and how to start!


Putting you in control of the energy transition. Small scale. Big impact.

Take a sustainable approach to energy that goes beyond the use of renewable sources. Microgrids serve as a decentralized energy system, where you are independent of the public network and, at the same time, can generate additional revenue by feeding any excess energy back to it. You are in control – by balancing load demands through intelligent management, and with integrated back-up systems you have peace of mind with failsafe operation. Get the most out of your microgrid, with our full portfolio of cutting-edge products, solutions, and services.
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The energy transition is making an impact across all industries – including the mining industry. Get the details from our special white paper

An all-round intelligent solution.

You provide the space, and we support you in setting up the system. You can choose a campus or create an entire island for your microgrid solution – it is adaptable to virtually any local requirement and can withstand even harsh environments.

The energy source can be sustainable – photovoltaic, wind, hydro, or biomass – and the supply backed up through biodiesel generators, emergency power units, and storage systems. With Siemens software, you control the operation based on your energy demand at any time. This saves energy each day and money over the long term.

When you control your energy, you control your future.


The Native American tribe at Blue Lake Rancheria in California, USA, relies on a customized microgrid solution to seamlessly distribute and control their self-generated power. This means they are ready for any cases of severe weather, natural disasters, or power blackouts in the future.

Pursuing economic strength, and enhancing student success.


With the co-generation microgrid solution, Algonquin College in Eastern Ontario, Canada, has the flexibility it needs to take advantage of more renewables and new opportunities as the future of energy evolves. And it serves as a great learning tool for its energy management students.


The smarter way of managing microgrids.

Smarter is better, especially when it comes to microgrid management. Rely on our expertise and products to keep your microgrid running smoothly – for peace of mind and the good feeling of having the best solution for you

One for all and all for one.

We work with you to design and deliver a comprehensive microgrid solution that meets your requirements perfectly. Start small and expand your system as your needs change. Show your commitment to sustainability – not only by using green power but also by feeding it back into the grid. That is good for the environment and good for your wallet. The process is simple: First, we create an energy twin as a simulation of your entire microgrid project to give you a clear overview. Once the scope and design of your microgrid is clear, we determine the right controller. Then you can meet your energy management challenges head-on with near real-time performance data.
Microgrid Control – a SICAM application

Rest assured knowing that your power supply remains independent while balancing out both grid fluctuations as well as fluctuations in energy consumption.

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Spectrum Power™ Microgrid Management System (MGMS

Economic operation is the name of the game – and Spectrum Power MGMS does just this. It forecasts loads while considering current electric and fuel/gas prices to significantly decrease expenses.

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DEOP - optimize your distributed energy resources

This cloud-based software solution lets you monitor performance and increase the profitability of your Distributed Energy Resource (DER) system.

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Photovoltaic Plant Control – a SICAM application

This solution based on the SICAM portfolio lets you reliably control and monitor the power you get from your photovoltaic plant. Hassle-free integration and maximum efficiency included.

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Power Management – a SICAM application

Discover how you can ensure day-to-day reliability with proven power management for industry grids through digitalization.

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Consulting, planning, simulation

If you’ve got a distributed energy system, get the most out of it with our expert concepts and design planning – then enjoy more profitability and efficiency, to name just two.

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SICAM A8000 beyond the typical substation automation – New applications for the energy transition

Renewables are constantly growing, energy efficiency, sustainability and CO2 reduction are key: SICAM A8000 for reliable control of microgrids, industrial grids and photovoltaic plants.

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There’s so much more to say about microgrids and how they can help you to meet your energy needs. Check out our dedicated brochure with more detailed information.


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Microgrids operating successfully – worldwide

All over the world, organizations and communities with a need for dependable energy are looking to the microgrid as an efficient, powerful, and ingenious solution. Advanced Siemens technology contributes significantly to their successful operation. Here are some examples.


Your microgrid is our concern

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