Photovoltaic Plant Control - a SICAM application

Maximum efficiency in controlling Photovoltaic Power Plants

The use of renewable energy sources is growing at a tremendous pace, especially photovoltaic power, a development that is offering huge investment opportunities. But as the share of renewable energies increases, so do the technical requirements. These include maintaining reliable stability at all times despite fluctuating levels of decentrally generated energy being fed into the grid. The answer to this is an intelligent infrastructure combined with smart automation solutions. Reliable, grid code conform control and monitoring of supplied power is one of the prerequisite for the economically successful operation of photovoltaic power plants. With our SICAM based Photovoltaic Plant Control application you can meet these challenges.

Photovoltaic Plant Control - a SICAM application: reliable control and monitoring of photovoltaic plants

Photovoltaic Power Plants provide a growing share within the generation mix as guaranteeing CO2 free and cheap energy. Reliable, grid code conform real time control and monitoring of photovoltaic power plants based on the well-known Siemens SICAM A8000 product family ensures meeting regulatory requirements while providing highest efficiency in engineering, operation and maintenance.

Photovoltaic Plant Control benefits at a glance

Maximum efficiency

Maximum yield and transparancy using optimized control schemes
Excellent grid quality
Photovoltaic plant reliably meet the stringent regulatory requirements for photovoltaic plant integration

Flexible, modular, scalable

Straight foreward engineering and operation ensures cost effective solution

Cost-effective operation

Based on state of the art SICAM platform
Comprehensive integration of renewable energy
The integration of renewable energy meets the climate protection targets that promote CO2 reduction

Photovoltaic Plant Control - on the safe side 24/7

Photovoltaic Plant Control ensures reliable, grid code conform control and monitoring of supplied power by photovoltaic plants. Photovoltaic Plant Control ensures continuous supply of renewable energy and controls the plant active and reactive power output by also integrating capacitor banks and battery storage systems.

Photovoltaic Plant Control keeps an eye on everything

With Photovoltaic Plant Control you improve functional security in controlling and monitoring your photovoltaic power plant output using state of the art security mechanisms.

Photovoltaic Plant Control - a SICAM application: smart migration, seamless integration

Intelligent power plant control with minimum hardware footprint. Photovoltaic Plant Control can be seamlessly integrated into existing photovoltaic power plants end earns points through the solid interplay between automation and remote control. Thanks open interfaces and international standars, the solution supports  unlimited migration and maintenance is performed through easy plug & play functionality

Photovoltaic Plant Control certified as EZA controller

As a central control component, Photovoltaic Plant Control monitors, coordinates and controls the feed-in of local generation plants (EZA). This can be photovoltaic or battery systems.
On April 27, 2019, the guidelines VDE-AR-N 4110 and VDE-AR-N 4120 for medium or high-voltage power generation systems came into force. This certification of relevant components is required to ensure that your own systems are operated in accordance with the law.

The control components of Photovoltaic Plant Control are certified according to VDE-AR-N 4110 and VDE-AR-N 4120 and thus enable the implementation of all necessary requirements as EZA farm controller.

The combined benefits speak for Photovoltaic Plant Control - a SICAM application

Top choice for photvoltaic power plants. Photovoltaic Plant Control controls and monitors the supplied power of photovoltaic power plants and thus provides cost-efficient and reliable solution for connecting photovoltaic power plants to the distribution and transmission grids. It offers flexible communication, seamless continuity, maximum security, and unlimited migration, thus securing the optimal control of the plant connection.
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