Microgrid Control – a SICAM application

Microgrid Control Components

Maximum security in operating microgrids

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Requirements for load management and availability

Integrating renewable energy sources into  industrial onsite networks

How to integrate renewable energy sources into on-site industrial networks? That's what our new article is all about. It’s an exciting topic that’s currently affecting many sectors, and it’s one for which Siemens has developed an ingenious solution


Benefits of Microgrid Control - a SICAM application

Microgrids are a reliable alternative when autonomous power supply is needed, such as on islands, or when optimizations are required for higher level grids or supply costs. With grid-connected operation, microgrids enable energy to be reliably provided from renewable sources, at both high-peak and low-peak times. They can also influence reactive power and save money by regulating the maximum power demand or infeed. Microgrids offer high reliability and improved energy quality. And they have a further advantage: Microgrids can operate independently of the higher-level grid. Reliable monitoring and control are the biggest challenges to stable operation of a microgrid. Microgrid Control meets these challenges.

Reliable control and monitoring of power grids

Microgrids provide an autonomous power supply even in the most remote regions – regardless of whether or not they are connected to the power grid.

Microgrid Control has been tried and proven worldwide in the important tasks of grid monitoring and control. It builds on the well-known SICAM product family.

24/7 on the safe side

Microgrid Control ensures your independent power supply and balances out grid fluctuations as well as fluctuations in energy consumption. 

The energy source can be sustainable – photovoltaic, wind, hydro, or biomass – and the supply backed up through biodiesel generators, emergency power units, and storage systems.

With Microgrid Control, you control the operation based on your energy demand at any time. Save energy daily and money over the long term.


Integrate and save money with an all-round intelligent solution

Intelligent energy management in very little space. Integrate Microgrid Control into your existing distribution grid and profit from the solid interplay between automation and remote control.  

Thanks to open interfaces and international standards, the solution supports unlimited migration, and maintenance is performed through easy plug & play functionality.

Microgrid Control autonomously keeps an eye on everything

Microgrid Control improves functional security in monitoring and controlling your grids with: 

  • Blackout detection, black start, and automatic grid modes 
  • Automatic start of backup generators
  • Optimization of operating points
  • Reserve monitoring
  • Peak shaving 
  • State-of-charge management

Microgrid Control Highlights

  • Flexible communication through a wide range of protocols and common transmission media
  • Scalable base products for seamless continuity
  • Intuitive operation utilizing the SICAM Toolbox II and SICAM WEB
  • Interdisciplinary engineering made possible by standardized configuration
  • High level of protection through comprehensive security protocols

SICAM A8000 beyond the typical substation automation – New applications for the energy transition

Renewables are constantly growing, energy efficiency, sustainability and CO2 reduction are key: SICAM A8000 for reliable control of microgrids, industrial grids and photovoltaic plants.

Maximum efficiency
High performance of the power supply system and  excellent grid quality
Excellent grid quality
Microgrid Control reliably meets the stringent requirements of autonomous grid operation
Cost-effective operation
Straight forward optimization capabilities ensure cost-effective operation
Comprehensive integration of renewable energy
The integration of renewable energy meets the climate protection targets that promote CO2 reduction
Resource-friendly use
Resource-conscious use protects the environment and minimizes costs

Microgrid Control certified as EZA controller

As a central control component, Microgrid Control monitors, coordinates and controls the feed-in of the various local generation plants (EZA). This can be CHP, photovoltaic, wind energy and other EEG systems. On April 27, 2019, the guidelines VDE-AR-N 4110 and VDE-AR-N 4120 for power generation systems in the medium and high-voltage grid came into force. This certification of the relevant components is required to ensure that your own systems are operated in accordance with the law.

The control components of Microgrid Control are certified according to VDE-AR-N 4110 and VDE-AR-N 4120 and thus enable the implementation of all necessary requirements as an EZA farm controller.


Microgrid Control operating successfully – worldwide

All over the world, organizations and communities with a need for dependable energy are looking to the microgrid as an efficient, powerful, and ingenious solution. Advanced Siemens technology contributes significantly to their successful operation. Read their stories and follow their steps.


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